Tuesday, September 9, 2014

With The Borders Open - What Else Is Coming To America?

For the last six months (at least) our Southern border has been wide open. The Border Patrol has been pulled back from the actual border and the border itself has become more like a turnstile between Mexico and the United States, except that's a poor analogy because a turnstile actually counts the number of people who pass through and we have no idea how many people have entered the country illegally during this time. We do know that at least 50,000 unaccompanied minors have entered - but that's just the ones we do know about.

In July it was estimated that at least 240,000 adults had come along with those children. By now the total number is believed to be well over 300,000 total just in the last six months. And what has been done about it?

For starters very few, if any, of these illegals have been returned to their home countries. For the most part the children, many of whom arrived with diseases that are rare in the United States these days, such as measles, mumps, etc., have been flown and bused all around the country in secrecy. The Obama administration refuses to tell the American people where they have been sent. In one case in California a convoy of buses carrying illegals to a Border Patrol Detention center was stopped by angry citizens who didn't want the illegals in their town. So now the Obama administration is keeping the transportation and relocation of them hush hush.

Interestingly, a mysterious virus has been sweeping across the Midwest in nearly epidemic proportions. As many as 500 children have been hospitalized in Missouri because of it and doctors don't really know where it came from or why it is affecting children of the Midwest. I have a theory.

If you take tens of thousands of kids from Central and South America who have crossed your borders illegally, many of whom have active diseases and viruses, and scatter them around the nation in secrecy it makes sense that they take their diseases and viruses with them to their new locations. It's not hard to conclude that with tens of thousands of illegal kids from third world countries come diseases and viruses that will affect children here in the United States. Some will say it's a coincidence and that may be true. But it's certainly worth looking at.

The other problem we have is the various reports of Muslims sneaking across the Southern border. Government reports are saying ISIS has a group in Mexico working with the drug cartels. Muslim items such as prayer rugs, Qurans, etc., have been found on the US side of the Mexican border, a good indication that Muslims are crossing undetected into the United States.Why wouldn't they? What better way to effect a large scale attack on the United States than for the terrorists to walk in the wide open door on the Southern border?

As I said yesterday, I believe there is going to be some major terrorist event here in the States on Thursday, September 11th. I believe it will occur in more than one city in the country at the same time, much like the attack on September 11, 2001. And this time, if the participants snuck across the Southern border due to the complete mismanagement of border security by the Obama administration, (It's not the Border Patrol - they want to do their jobs but are not allowed.) then a large part of the blame falls directly on President Obama. He refused (and still refuses) to secure the border and stop the illegal entry of hundreds of thousands of people - including Islamic terrorists. (Obama won't even admit out loud that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorists.) So it will be on his shoulders if people die.

Fortunately, at least Texas Governor Rick Perry had the guts to do something. He went against the wishes of the President and sent the Texas National Guard to the border to assist with diminishing the incoming human traffic. Mexico cried foul but who cares what Mexico thinks?

Again, be vigilant. Don't live in fear of what could happen but be aware of what and who are around you. The life you save could be your own or one of your loved ones.

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