Sunday, September 28, 2014

Feds Telling Ferguson PD What They Can And Cannot Do

Eric Holder's lynch mob... civil rights investigators in Ferguson, Missouri, have apparently decided they will be in control of the Ferguson Police Department. In a recent letter to the Ferguson Police Chief the Justice Department asked him to  'confirm our understanding that officers in the suburban St. Louis County department won't wear "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets while on duty.'

On Friday they released another letter instructing the Chief that his officers must wear name tags on their uniforms. Both letters were allegedly sent because people complained to federal investigators about both topics.

Maybe I'm wrong but I'm not under the impression that the Justice Department has the authority to order local police departments what they may or may not wear on or with their uniforms. It certainly is a good idea for police officers to have at least their last names visible but for the Justice Department to mandate it seems an overreach to me.

If I was the Chief of Police I would politely tell Eric Holder to mind his own business. The Ferguson police officers are doing what they're supposed to do - supporting their comrade who they believe did what was legally necessary to save his own life. And contrary to what the protesters, and others who want "Justice for Michael" are demanding - the case must be investigated and any evidence presented to the grand jury before anything else can occur. And the grand jury will have to decide whether or not to indict Officer Wilson.

Protesters and various black celebrities have already threatened increased and more severe rioting if that does not happen - justice be damned. They've let it be known that they will extract their own form of justice whether or not Darren Wilson is guilty of a crime. In my opinion, if it turns out Wilson is not indicted by the grand jury, at the time of the announcement the Ferguson PD, the St. Louis County PD, and the Missouri State Police should all be on hand with every bit of tactical gear and equipment they have and put the protesters down hard. They've made their threats. Let's see what they do when they're up against law enforcement who are ready for them.

Our disgrace of an Attorney General, who finally did the best thing he could do for America and tendered his resignation, has done nothing but stir up trouble in Ferguson by sending scores of FBI and civil rights investigators there before any local investigation had been completed. Following his visit Holder announced he was opening an investigation into the Ferguson PD itself, to determine whether the department employed policies and practices that resulted in a pattern of civil rights violations.

Holder told reporters he was opening the investigation based on things Ferguson residents had told him during his visit. Personally I believe Holder is going to do whatever he can to bring down the Ferguson PD and Darren Wilson because of the shooting, whether or not it is determined to be justified. He doesn't trust local officials to do it for him - because they might actually determine Wilson was justified in the shooting - that's why he's working on it himself.

I will be happy to see Eric Holder go. Hopefully this time President Obama will nominate someone who will actually follow the job description, upholding and enforcing the laws of the land rather than being selective about which he will and will not enforce. But what am I saying? President Obama enforces the law of the land in the exact same way.

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