Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Just Not Fair...!

I'm actually surprised I haven't heard it or read it somewhere. There has to be some liberal anti-gun nut out there who will criticize Mark Vaughan, the Chief Operating Officer of Vaughn Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, for shooting Alton Nolan as he was repeatedly stabbing his second victim after stabbing and beheading his first victim on Thursday.

Vaughn, who is also a reserve deputy sheriff, was carrying his weapon that morning and shot Nolan, saving the life of the second victim and possibly more.

So where are the anti-gun zealots screaming about how unfair it is that Nolan was shot? You remember them - I'm sure they were in the crowd that was screaming about how unfair it was that Israel not only had an iron dome missile protection system but their rockets and bombs were more powerful than those of Hamas and were killing more people. Their misguided logic makes them believe that in a situation of war or protection of life each participant needs to be equally armed.

Many of these people are also involved in criticizing police for using tactical equipment to deal with disruptive mobs, such as in Ferguson, Missouri, instead of sticking to the old standby of riot batons and helmets. I actually heard that said - that police should stop using tactical gear and face off rioters with only batons and helmet to make it more fair. What is supposed to happen - the cops win sometimes and the rioters win other times? Really?

I'm surprised no race baiter like Sharpton, Jackson or Melissa Harris-Perry has accused Mr. Vaughn of using excessive force. Sharpton defended the rioting in Ferguson, after all. During a rally following the Michael Brown shooting, and following a few days of rioting and looting, Sharpton told a crowd in Ferguson "Don't loot in Michael's name. We are not looters. We are liberators. We are not burners. We are builders." Apparently not everyone agreed with him because mostly what they were liberating was merchandise from area stores.

Texas governor Rick Perry believes President Obama should make a statement about the incident in Moore because many people believe, given the perpetrator's recent conversion to Islam and his radical Facebook posts, that this was an act of terrorism. But since the President and Eric Holder declared Nadal Hasan to have committed merely an act of workplace violence, I doubt we'll see Alton Nolan be declared a terrorist. Just another random workplace beheading. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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