Saturday, September 20, 2014

ET... The Illegal Alien

While driving home last night Arden and I got to talking about aliens - the kind from space. I don't even remember now how the subject came up but eventually I told her I had never seen an alien - except for some Mexicans and a few Chinese who tried to sneak into the country through Puerto Rico via the Dominican Republic.

For some reason my mind drifted to the movie "ET." I realized that ET was not only an alien but he was an illegal alien. He came here without authorization from the federal government. He basically snuck into the country by night so as not to be detected and lived in the shadows for the same reason. He didn't have a green card or a visa and he had no plans to get one.

That said - ET was, however, the perfect illegal alien. He didn't bring a family with him. He never once took a dime of welfare or any other "entitlement" from the government. He didn't take a job from an American citizen. He didn't have children while here in an effort to gain entitlements or citizenship. And he set out immediately to learn the language.

The government did spend some major cash on medical care for him when he got sick but it wasn't done at his request. And finally,he would have been the perfect immigrant. He was intelligent, had the skills to invent his own deep space communication device, and never really asked for anything in return except acceptance.

When ET was healthy again he did the right thing. Instead of sending for his family members to join him, he returned home, thus not being a burden on our society.

ET was the perfect illegal alien. Well - with the exception of the millions of dollars spent to keep him alive and study him at the same time. Again - not his fault.

Oh - Arden pointed out another fact that I hadn't thought of. It seems there is a question about ET's sexual preference. Although he did come out about halfway through the movie - he spent much of the first half in the closet. But that's a topic for another day....

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