Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS Leaders, Sex Toys And A "Religion Of Peace"

What has one got to do with the other, you ask? Actually nothing, unless you're an unlucky goat in the desert surrounded by lonely Islamic radicals who just can't help themselves. So why the title?

I was perusing the internet this morning and came across a couple of articles that caught my interest. The first was about the five Taliban commanders that were traded for Army deserter Bo Bergdahl a few months back. According to the article, which has not been vetted yet, three of those five Taliban leaders have now joined ISIS as leaders. The article states "eyewitnesses place Fazi, Wasiq, and Noori in Iraq and Syria fighting with ISIS."

The Obama administration and some House Democrats said the five Taliban commanders would not return to the battlefield, either because of age or because they just wouldn't. Within weeks of their return, one had already rejoined the Taliban and now, months later, three have joined ISIS. President Obama should be charged with treason and aiding and abetting the enemy. But not to worry - the House voted to formally condemn Obama for making the trade without notifying them in the appropriate manner. Yeah - that'll work.

Now on to sex toys. Jacksonville, Florida. It has been reported that Clinton Middle School in Duval County hired a 39 year old woman to teach sex education to 6th graders. One of the teacher's classes involved demonstrating sex toys, particularly the kind of phallus women wear attached to a harness. One of the students took pictures of the demonstration during which the teacher actually put it on (over her clothing, thank God) and then laid on her back with her legs in the air and demonstrated how it should be inserted. These kids are 11 and 12 years old!

The pictures (which are quite graphic) found their way to school administrators who, it is said, suspended the teacher. She, in turn, said that her suspension was nothing but "bigotry" because she's a "proud member of the LGBTQ community." Right. There's nothing wrong with graphically demonstrating sex toys to children  and anyone who believes otherwise is a bigot against alternative lifestyles. Got it.

This story may or may not be true. It has been circulated around the nation but has not been verified as of yet. But that's not the only problem with Common Core.

Common Core has come under fire across the nation for various reasons, sex education included. One book approved for 4th graders is called "It's Perfectly Normal." It teaches nine year olds how to masturbate. The teaching of alternative lifestyles is mandatory in many states under Common Core. When did these sensitive and potentially moral subjects become the responsibility of the schools to teach our children? Oh wait - I know the answer to that. It began in June of 2010 when the Common Core curriculum was introduced into our schools.

Last night I watched British Prime Minister David Cameron address the media in his own country concerning the beheading of David Haines, a British aid worker who had been held in captivity for about a year prior to his execution over the weekend. Like President Obama, Cameron addressed ISIS as ISIL and stated that ISIS is not Islamic because "Islam is a religion of peace." So there you have it. Two top leaders of the free world, who are contemplating going to war a "major counter terrorism operation" against ISIS are still calling them non-Islamic and saying Islam is a religion of peace, despite the worldwide evidence (terrorism, honor killings, female genital mutilation, cutting off limbs, authorized beating of wives, etc.) to the contrary. If anyone should know better it would be Cameron. His country is nearly besieged by Muslims these days.

The Obama administration is "putting together a large coalition" to fight ISIS, even as Obama declares he will not put boots on the ground to do it. Funny thing - he's not getting the cooperation he thought he'd get from other nations. A few countries (France, Italy, Great Britain, and Canada) have said they would do what they could (France did agree to assist with air strikes) but none have committed fully to a battle. Middle Eastern (Islamic) nations have so far not committed to anything, although Saudi Arabia did say they would let coalition forces base in Saudi Arabia.

It seems as though no one really trusts Obama to follow through with his plans to defeat ISIS. According to a recent NBC poll, only 28 percent of Americans believe it. Obama doesn't have a great track record when it comes to carrying out his threats. The red line he drew against Assad in Syria didn't do much for his credibility. Our friends and allies are worried. So what is Obama doing now? Contacting Iran and Russia to see if they'll be willing to help. I'm surprised he's not asking Assad to help in this one. But Assad, being emboldened by Obama's red line failure last year, has told Obama he might launch an offensive against American aircraft if they enter Syrian airspace. Obama has promised a counter attack if Assad makes good on his promise. It will prove interesting, to say the least.

President Obama has a habit of rejecting the military advice of his top generals. He refused to leave a residual force in Iraq during the troop withdrawal, of which the ISIS occupation of half of Iraq and half of Syria is the consequence. He has been told ISIS cannot be defeated without boots on the ground, eventually, yet he has stated and reiterated that he will not be doing that. I hope he was a better community organizer than he is Commander-in-Chief. He sucks at being the CIC (and sucks at being President.)

So why did I put all of these subjects in one post? Well, for one thing it's been a slow news day so far. But I think these situations all show the deterioration of morals and values in the world today. We have radical, Islamic terrorists killing tens of thousands of innocent people including women, children and Christians, and the world mostly sits back and watches. We have Muslims pushing to take over the world as that world mostly sits back and watches. We have teachers in our schools teaching grade school age children about sex toys, masturbation, alternative lifestyles, etc., complete with graphic pictures and demonstrations, as many adults in our country sit back and watch, saying nothing. We have an education system being taken over by liberal progressives, contaminating young minds with subjects that not only shouldn't be taught to children but should be taught by parents rather than the school system.

And some people are OK with all of this. If it doesn't affect them directly it's nothing they spend time thinking about. And that's pretty scary all the way around.


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