Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Week In Review

The movie "Noah"was released in theaters last week to immediate controversy. Christians around the country are decrying the movie as not being Biblically accurate. Many critics are saying the same thing. And why shouldn't they? Director Darren Aronofsky, a self-admitted atheist, told The New Yorker it's “the least Biblical "Biblical" film ever made.” Yet some Christian writers are saying people are being unfair in that no movie portraying a Biblical theme, even the legendary "The Ten Commandments" is ever perfect.

Those who like the movie are critical of criticism against it, including its star, Russel Crowe. In a recent interview Crowe said people are talking “of what it could be or how bad it could be or how wrong it could be in their eyes, which I think, quite frankly, is bordering on absolute stupidity. Because now, people are seeing the movie and they’re realizing how respectful it is and how potent it is.”

Russell Crowe has never been shy about voicing his opinion, regardless of what fans might think. But I think Christians (and everyone else) have the right to decide if they want to see a movie based on what the movie is about, reviews of it, who makes it, etc., without being called stupid.

Another controversial public figure, Glenn Beck, a devout Mormon, went to see the movie at the request of Paramount Studios so he could talk about it from the perspective of someone who had actually seen it. That may have been a mistake on their part. Beck's review of the movie after seeing it was "If you are looking for a biblical movie, this is definitely not it," He said. "It's not the story of Noah that I was hoping for. If you are going for that, you will be horribly disappointed. I would love to come and report that the movie was great, but I can't," he said. "It's awful."

Beck went on to say that none of the characters, including Noah, demonstrated an authentic relationship with God. In addition, the name "God" was never mentioned in the movie. And according to Beck, the only time Noah (who did have an authentic relationship with God) prayed was when he was thinking of killing his family. 

After seeing "Son of God," which also had some "artistic licensing" but was fairly accurate in content, I'm still debating seeing Noah. I'll probably pass on it, waiting instead for "God Is Not Dead." If I'm going to go see a Biblical movie I'd prefer that it be as accurate as possible.

Harry Reid has been in the news a few times in the last week. First he denied ever saying that Republican-told stories of people losing their insurance and/or their doctors, and premiums going sky high, were all lies. Even though he made the statement on the Senate floor and it was recorded by numerous cameras, he said earlier this week that he never made such a statement. Apparently he is intelligent enough to discern from the videos that he did say it because yesterday he amended his denial and said he doesn't remember saying it. 

One of two this is possible here. Either he's developing dementia or he's lying once again. I vote for the latter. I'm actually surprised he didn't use an Obama trick and say "What I really said was...." Apparently he doesn't feel as confident in his lies as the President.

Harry was also in the news again because it seems, for the second time, there are questions about misuse of campaign funds. It seems Harry gave his granddaughter, Ryan Elisabeth Reid, nearly $17,000 in 2013 for what was described as payments for “holiday gifts.” Those payments were reportedly made to purchase items from Ryan Elisabeth Reid, who has her own line of jewelry. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Thursday that federal disclosures show the campaign paid another $14,481 to Reid's granddaughter in 2012, bringing to $31,268 the total paid to Ryan Elisabeth in 2012 and 2013 to purchase gifts for Reid's support staff.

Harry, of course, says he did nothing wrong and has reimbursed the money from his own bank account - as if that makes what he did all better.  He then dismissed reporters saying "So it's all done. Everything was complied with beforehand. I'm not going to answer any... Read my statement."

OK, Harry. Tell that to Jesse Jackson, Junior...

Finally, President Obama is systematically destroying the strength and abilities of our military. Following the announcement that he will reduce our troop numbers to pre-World War II levels, he has now announced he will do away with the Navy's Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs and get rid of the arsenals. He apparently believes that wars can be fought and countries can be defeated using technology rather than actual people. Or else he is making us weak and less ready intentionally so that we may be destroyed as a country. I'll let you decide.

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