Sunday, March 16, 2014

Humor For A Sunday Afternoon...

During the ride home this afternoon I was passed by a rolling contradiction. A man driving a Prius went by and I noticed he had an Obama sticker on his car. Nothing unusual about that, right? Most people who buy Priuses buy them to help protect the environment and use less fossil fuel to save us all from global warming. And everyone knows we conservatives don't care about the environment. We conservatives drive gas guzzling SUV's and trucks and cars with big, thirsty V8 engines because we believe, and rightly so, that global warming is a made-up, liberal farce.

We conservatives care the same about the environment as we do about minorities, old people, sick people, children and puppies. Ask any liberal politician - like maybe Alan Grayson. He'll tell you the truth about conservatives.

Sorry - I got carried away. I was kidding about the puppies. Everyone loves puppies.

Anyway - the contradictory part of this story is that the driver of the Prius passed me going at least 10 miles an hour over the speed limit while puffing on a cigarette. Who is going to take anyone serious about saving the environment from pollution and global warming who is using excessive gasoline by driving too fast and who pollutes the very air breathed by those around him by filling it with cigarette smoke? That would made as much sense as believing Al Gore's global warming rants - which he delivers at numerous conferences around the globe and gets there by flying in big, carbon-footprint-producing private aircraft. Al Gore himself produces one of the biggest carbon footprints (whatever those are) in the United States. He's an energy hog. Read up about his homes.

I found the Prius driver pretty funny, environmentally speaking.

In other news - there used to be a restaurant on highway 377 in Granbury, Texas, called Antonio's. It was an Italian place. I say "was" because when we drove by it today it was closed and there was a For Sale sign out front.

Arden and I never ate there but they supposedly served decent Italian food. But on their sign out front they used to advertise - "Thursday is Margharita night." Now they're closed. Who'd have seen that coming? I wonder if, when you ordered a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, they asked "Do you want chips and salsa with that?"

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