Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giving America Away A Little At A Time

The web page " posted an article recently about an incredible ruling made by a liberal federal judge. Contained in the article is one of the most bizarre and ridiculous rulings I've seen from a federal court. Excerpts read as follows:

A Homeland Security initiative to put fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border could discriminate against minorities, according to an Obama-appointed federal judge who’s ruled that the Congressionally-approved project may have a “disparate impact on lower-income minority communities.”

This of course means that protecting the porous—and increasingly violent—southern border is politically incorrect. At least that’s what the public college professor at the center of the case is working to prove and this month she got help from a sympathetic federal judge. Denise Gilman, a clinical professor at the taxpayer-funded University of Texas-Austin, is researching the “human rights impact” of erecting a barrier to protect the U.S. from terrorists, illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and other serious threats.

Seriously? Securing our border is now racist? One cannot help but wonder what "low-income, minority communities" will be "disparately impacted" by securing the borders. Is she talking about communities in Mexico? The communities in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona won't suffer. In fact, they will be better off.

In Arizona, shortly after then-DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano declared the borders "more secure than ever", the federal government erected signs warning American citizens not to travel or recreate in areas close to the border.

So if securing the border is racist - wouldn't telling Americans not to go near the border in their own country be racist as well? Not to mention stupid. I can't imagine what Constitution this particular judge uses to make her decisions. Part of the role of government is to protect its citizens and keep them safe. Maintaining open borders and allowing human smuggling, drug smuggling and God knows what else to continue unchecked is asinine.

It won't be long, I suppose, before another liberal judge rules that Sharia law should be implemented in the United States to protect the rights of Muslims. Muslims are demanding it and they are already being awarded special privileges for prayer times, foot baths, etc. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before one of Obama's court appointees decides a Muslim accused of a crime here in the States should be tried by his own law. When that happens the Republic as we know it is doomed.

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