Sunday, March 9, 2014

Let's Play 'What If...."

What if the Internal Revenue Service in this great United States began quietly working to influence the outcome of  Presidential election by illegally targeting opposition groups for increased scrutiny, causing them to be unable to proceed with campaign issues because they cannot get the tax exempt status authorized them by law?

What if one of our diplomatic consulates was attacked in a Middle Eastern or African country and our ambassador and others were murdered. What if it came to light in the following days and weeks that the President of the United States lied about the cause of the attack, did nothing to prevent it and did nothing to intervene as it was occurring, and refused to talk about what, in fact, he did do during those hours?

What if the Justice Department quietly and stealthily began monitoring phone calls and e-mails of employees with a major media organization and targeted specific reporters (who often report negatively about the President) their families for intense scrutiny?

What if the Attorney General said he had nothing to do with the targeting of reporters even though he personally signed the affidavit that named that reporter as a potential criminal?

What if a federal gun running sting went bad and a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed with one of the guns involved in the sting and the Attorney General said he knew nothing about it even though there is strong evidence that he did?

What if the Health and Human Services Secretary illegally solicited funds from corporations that her department might regulate under the new health care law?

What if the Department of Agriculture paid restitution to minorities who had experienced discrimination by that agency but in the process ended up paying billions of dollars to people that were not eligible for it?

What if your Secretary of Health and Human Services made partisan remarks during a speech in direct violation of The Hatch Act?

What if the administration kept giving billions of dollars to green energy companies that within months went kept going bankrupt?

What if the President and his administration pushed through a bill that over 70% of Americans did not want, signed it into law without knowing what it said, and then, when that controversial law threatened re-election of politicians in his party, the President arbitrarily and unilaterally changed it for political reasons?

What if an Inspector General was fired by the administration after it became public knowledge that he was investigating friends of the President of the United States?

Now for the big question - really the only one that needs to be answered...

What do you suppose would happen if, instead of the President being the first African-American ever elected to the office, it was George W. Bush?

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