Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Thoughts On A Thursday....

I saw this picture this morning and thought "Interesting. She says access to birth control is not her boss's business yet she demands that he/she pay for it. How ironic."

The whole "free birth control" thing, championed by the left and brought to the forefront by  30 year old law student who can afford Georgetown University but wants the American public to pay for her birth control is getting rather ridiculous. There is a lawsuit before the Supreme Court right now to determine whether corporations founded by people with deep religious beliefs have the right to refuse to provide health coverage that includes birth control pills and/or the "morning after" pill.

The Hobby Lobby case was heard yesterday and a decision is expected in June. Hobby Lobby contends that because of their Christian beliefs they should not be forced by the government to pay for employee insurance policies that contain mandatory birth control and abortion stipulations. Reports from the courtroom indicate a majority of the justices seem to be leaning toward siding with Hobby Lobby. What will happen remains to be seen but the government's argument seemed pretty weak.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli told justices that U.S. business owners have no religious freedom to reject government mandates forcing them to cover abortions. Justice Kennedy asked the government’s lawyer, ‘So under your argument, corporations could be forced to pay for abortions, that there would be no religious claim against that on the part of the corporation. Is that right?’ Verrelli replied "Yes.”

The only thing the defense seems to have is the notion that they don't believe corporations, regardless of their founding documents and written philosophies, have any religious rights. If the Supreme Court decides in favor of the government (which is surely possible after the Obamacare legality decision) then religious freedoms in this country will take a huge hit. Must I remind anyone that Muslims got a complete waiver from Obamacare but Christian organizations did not?

In other news, Harry Reid, the illustrious and often controversial Democrat Senator and Majority Leader from Nevada, told the American people that the reason the delay was necessary for the sign-up deadline for Obamacare is because the American people are computer illiterate. Like his outlandish statements previously about how any American who says they lost their health care coverage or that their premiums went up because of Obamacare is lying - Reid ignores the truth that the website is a disaster and that many people are opting to pay the fine rather than pay huge premiums and deductibles. He instead says the American people are ignorant. I can't help but wonder how he keeps getting re-elected.

Finally -in what has become one of the greatest stories of speculation in my lifetime - anonymous sources are now saying the pilot was solely responsible for the "crash" of Malaysian flight 370. Since the declaration last week, without any real evidence other than a couple of satellite pings and the time factor, that the plane went down in the Indian Ocean, of which no debris has been found as yet, everyone is now speculating on the cause of the speculated crash. Foreign satellites keep finding "debris fields" that turn out to be false. And how long does it take to get spotter planes and ships to the area? If the debris is there it's there. If not it's just more guesswork by the authorities and particularly by the media.

I've never seen so many reporters make stuff up for so long. Is this the future of "journalism"?

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