Thursday, January 9, 2014

Liberal Hypocrisy Is Sometimes Funny - Sometimes Not

I have been watching a TV advertisement recently produced by the state of New York telling businesses, small and large, they should consider moving to or opening a new business in New York. Since New York raised the taxes of its citizens and is one of the states with the highest income taxes in the nation, some people are moving away and the economy isn't doing all that well.

So what does Democrat and far left liberal Governor Mario Cuomo decide to do to turn his state's failing economy around? Why - he turns to good old capitalism! That's right. Cuomo is inviting businesses to start up companies in New York and offering them - get this - no taxes for ten years!

Leave it to Mario Cuomo, the guy who is so anti-gun that he signed into law a bill that made it illegal for law enforcement officers in his state to carry ammunition magazines that hold more than seven rounds, to resort to a conservative, right-leaning idea when he's in trouble.

Another example of liberal hypocrisy is in the news today. It seems there's a big scandal in New Jersey that could "harm Chris Christie's chances for a White House run." According to NBC, the fiasco of the Fort Lee, New Jersey, street closures leading to the George Washington Bridge, attributed to one of Chris Christie's aides (in retaliation for the Democrat Mayor not supporting Christie's re-election), could be a problem for Christie and his possible campaign. After all - Christie is the governor - the one at the top. So he should take the heat for it even though there is no evidence to show he had anything to do with it.

So by NBC's standard (and other main stream media outlets as well, I'm sure) the top dog should be held accountable for the actions of his subordinates, cabinet members and aides. So when are they (the main stream media) going to hold President Obama accountable for the various things that have been done (or not done) by members of his administration? We all know that President Obama had no knowledge of any of the things that occurred in the last couple of years. You remember - Benghazi, the IRS interference with conservative PACs, the Justice Department targeting the Associated Press, James Rosen and his parents, the overzealous NSA, Fast and Furious, the disastrous Obamacare rollout, etc.

Obama is the top dog. So why is the main stream media after Christie for something done by his aide and without Christie's knowledge (that's what he says - just like President Obama) but not going after the President? Could it be that they are just not happy with the fact that Christie is a forerunner for the Republican Presidential nomination and they're trying to take his legs out from under him early? Or could it be they are still so enamored with Obama they just can't help themselves?

It's truly sad that the main stream media in this nation has become a tool for Democrats. Their reporting is about furthering the left-wing, Democrat agenda instead of truth. Sadly, many in this country get their news from these outlets. It's one of the reasons President Obama was re-elected.

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