Thursday, January 23, 2014

John Kerry Mourns Death Of Cop Killer

The state of Texas yesterday told Secretary of State John Kerry to stick it where the sun don't shine. Kerry had been helping the Mexican government try to prevent the execution of a cop killer. He was unsuccessful. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court yesterday evening before they decided, 6 to 3, that Texas could proceed with the execution.

In 1994, Edgar Arias Tamayo shot Houston police officer Guy P. Gaddis three times in the back of the head. Tamayo never denied guilt in the case and he was convicted of capital murder by a jury. 

Edgar Tamayo was in the country illegally - what the politically correct crowd calls an "undocumented immigrant." He was an illegal alien who should not have been in the country in the first place.

The Mexican government said that Tamayo was denied consulate rights and diplomatic assistance and therefor the execution should never have taken place. They said the Mexican government would have ensured he had the most competent trial defense possible had they been given more opportunity.

Secretary of State John Kerry said executing Tamayo was "extremely detrimental to the United States," adding "I want to be clear: I have no reason to doubt the facts of Mr. Tamayo's conviction, and as a former prosecutor, I have no sympathy for anyone who would murder a police officer," Kerry wrote. "This is a process issue I am raising because it could impact the way American citizens are treated in other countries."

So the Secretary of State said it's not about whether or not he murdered officer Gaddis but about international politics. It is my humble opinion that if a person enters another country illegally and there commits a crime, he/she gives up consular rights from their home country because of their illegal status. And I feel the same way whether it be an illegal alien in this country or an American who illegally enters a foreign country. (Ever notice there's not a huge number of Americans sneaking across any foreign borders?)

During his Presidency, George W. Bush urged his home state of Texas to give Tamayo a new hearing because of the political posturing. It's one of the few things I disagree with Bush on. Tamayo was guilty. He was found guilty by a jury trial. He never professed that he was not guilty (except in his original plea, I guess.) And he was sentenced to death. It took 20 years for that to happen. He had plenty of time for all of his appeals and they were unsuccessful.

Tamayo's execution was scheduled for 6pm yesterday but was delayed at the last minute for a hearing by the Supreme Court. The execution took place at 9:32pm, shortly after the Supreme Court sided with the state of Texas and allowed them to proceed.

Frankly, I'm not surprised by John Kerry's attempted meddling into this case. He's been an embarrassment to the United States since his Vietnam days. If he wasn't extremely wealthy he wouldn't be where he is today - trying to sell us out at every opportunity. 

Thank you, Governor Perry, for telling John Kerry to mind his own business and for continuing to serve and protect the citizens of Texas. I wish you were going to run again.

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