Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Another Day In The Obama Administration...

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush was criticized by the mainstream media for his slow response to the people of New Orleans.  FEMA trailers were slow in arriving and food, clothing and federal funds seemed slow to arrive on scene.  The media and the liberal left blasted the Bush administration and even went so far as to say Bush hated black people and that's why the response was so slow.

Fast forward to October 2012.  Hurricane Sandy hits New Jersey and slams New York City.  The day after, the President travels to New Jersey for some pictures on Atlantic City beach, makes promises that everyone will be taken care of, and then flies to Las Vegas the next day. 

In radio interviews yesterday I heard people from Staten Island and the West Village say they are hungry, have no power and no water and are defecating in the hallways of apartment buildings.  There are also reports of people searching dumpsters looking for food.  While the President is traveling about the country in style seeking re-election, the people he promised help to  really need it.  So where is the main stream media.  If Bush was still President they'd be all over him.  Of course, they'd have blamed the hurricane on him too.

In other news, yesterday in Ohio, President Obama was giving a campaign speech and mentioned Mitt Romney.  The crowd, showing just how much class they had, began booing Romney's name.  The President help up his hand and said "Don't boo.  Vote.  Voting is the best revenge."

Here's a question for the current President of the United States and the leader of the free world...   Voting is the best revenge against who?  Against those of us who don't like your failed socialistic policies?  Against those who disagree that government is the answer to all problems?  Against those of  us who think you're in way over your head?  Or maybe just against those of us who disagree with Barack Almighty...?

And what, exactly, needs to be avenged?  Did our disagreement with you and your policies do something to the rest of the country that needs avenged?

Personally, I believe Mr. Obama was trying to be cute and sarcastic.  It seems he sometimes forgets the position he's in and the responsibility he has to act like an adult.  More than once he has allowed his temper to get the best of him an turn his actions and words into childish behavior.  But then - taking care choosing your words and actions are not really a part of typical Chicago politics.  Ask Rahm Emmanuel.

Finally, there are numerous reports in various states that voting machines are casting votes for President Obama even when the voters cast their votes for Romney.  If it was happening in one state/town, I could maybe see a glitch or a malfunction that was coincidental.  But it has happened in at least three states now:  Kansas, Ohio and North Carolina.  In Nevada,  the maintenance workers hired to maintain the voting machines nationwide are members of none other than the ever-popular SEIU, one of the President's favorite unions.  (You remember them - they're the ones who physically assaulted the black Tea Party member in St. Louis who was handing out "Don't Tread On Me" flags during a rally.  They have been tied to other political violence as well.

And speaking of unions - this week some non-union electricians from Alabama drove to New Jersey to assist with restoring electricity to the residents of the area hit by hurricane Sandy.  They were turned away by union electricians and told to "Go back where you came from."  They were called "scab" and "scum" and several vulgar names that I won't put in here. 

Apparently, in New Jersey, union labor is more important than the health, safety and comfort of the citizens.  These non-union electricians were there to help speed up the process of restoring power to the citizens but the Electricians'  Union didn't allow that to happen.  It's got to make an elderly person with no electricity and no heat feel really good to know that while they are suffering, at least there won't be any non-union workers helping out.  We can't have that.

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