Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thoughts On Obama's Re-election...

The election is over and President Obama has been re-elected to a second term.  Mitt Romney ran a fair race and it was a close competition all day.  In the end, Mr. Obama won the popular vote and the electoral college vote so he is the President by majority all the way around.  And I congratulate him.

He was not my choice but he is the President and will be for another four years.  And I will support him.  I may not always agree with him but that is my right as an American citizen in a free society.  Those who love him will decry my disagreement as racism, sour grapes, unwillingness to cooperate, etc., but the bottom line is I'm not going to change my beliefs and morals to please those on the left.  That is why there are different parties - we have different fundamental values. 

 What I'd like to see the President do in his second term is what he actually promised in the first campaign.  I'd like him to be honest and transparent.  He promised that when he was running in 2008 yet he has had one of the most secretive, covered up administrations in history.  His signature health care law was drummed up in locked offices and passed through coercion and back room deals.  Fast and Furious was initially blamed on George W. Bush (until facts proved that it was a completely different operation) and the Attorney General of the United States is most likely lying to keep it covered up.  President Obama told Dmitry Medvedev he would have "more flexibility after the election."  God, Obama and Medvedev are the only ones who know what that really means but if it's about reducing our nuclear arsenal it can't be good.

The President has been very difficult to read concerning Israel.  On one hand he says we will support Israel as our friend and ally and on the other he says he wants to see their borders go back to where they were in 1969.  It has also been rumored that if Israel attack Iran's nuclear facility without notifying the White House ahead of time they are on their own.  That's got to make Israel fully trust their "friend and ally", huh?

President Obama said there would be no tax increases on anyone making under $200,000 yet as the health care law continues to be implemented our taxes will go up.  He also raised taxes on many items used by lower and middle income consumers making them more expensive.  So "not raising taxes" is a myth.

During his first term, the President funded numerous green energy companies that failed miserably.  We all need oil to run the country and we will for at least 10-20 more years, until another viable source of energy can be created in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Yet he stopped oil drilling in many places, blocked the pipeline and sent billions to other countries so they can drill  for oil.  Gee - what about taking care of your own country first?

I'll be waiting to see changes in the Obama way of doing things.  I'll be waiting to see him make some positive changes for the nation instead of making pretty speeches, blaming other people for the problems and making his followers swoon.  Until that happens, don't ask me to happy about Obama's re-election nor to stop criticizing him.  There's a lot to criticize until he changes his ways.  And as long as I still have the freedom to speak my mind, that's exactly what I'll be doing.

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  1. Speak your mind Clark it is entertaining to see how other people think. Can't wait until your next blog. And for all of those people with thin skin get over it!!! Lets debate!!!