Monday, November 5, 2012

The Republicans' War On Women...

The Republicans are waging a war against women in their 2012 election campaign.  From Mitt Romney on down to local state senators, they want to take over the government and immediately overturn Roe vs. Wade, end PAP smears and mammograms, destroy Planned Parenthood, overturn Obamacare so that women's health care disappears, and do away with contraception all together.  They all believe the same thing and if possible, they will return us to the days where women are completely subservient to men and remain in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.  It's true.  I've heard a few liberals, both men and women, say it on TV,  radio and on the internet! 

Only problem with all of this is - very little of it is actually true.

The only war on women raging in today's America is the one that the Obama campaign and the left in general is waging.  They are treating women like they are brainless beings who can't think for themselves and need to vote according to their reproductive organs to cast an intelligent vote.  Any woman with a brain and a little education knows, if she truly looks at what's being said, that it's all hype and make-believe designed to cause women to fear a Romney/Ryan ticket.  But let's look at the facts.

The Obama campaign has said over and over that Romney and Ryan will overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Even though Mitt Romney has repeatedly said he has no interest in overturning the law, people keep saying it and some women believe it.  The truth is, regardless of what Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan believe, as President and Vice President they would have no power or authority to overturn the law.  The President and Vice President do not have the authority to overturn a Supreme Court decision.  The only way the law could be overturned is if the Supreme Court  became very conservative and decided to overturn it.  Problem with that is - no one is seriously discussing doing that.  It's all campaign rhetoric and lies from the left.

Neither Romney nor Ryan, nor anyone else running as a Republican candidate for office, has even remotely suggested that PAP smears and mammograms disappear.  What has been said is that the American people shouldn't have to pay for a woman's birth control and/or abortions.  The reasoning is simple - most people in the country are able to pay for their own food, clothing, etc., and the general public is not required to pay the bills for them.  So why should the general public be required to pay for contraceptives and abortions?  Having sex is not a right afforded by the Constitution.  Why should the general public be forced to pay for a woman's personal choices? 

Statistically, single women favor President Obama and married women favor Mitt Romney.  Recent polls show married women are strongly backing Mitt Romney, 55%-40%, while single women favor Obama over Romney 50%-41%.  Could the contraception and abortion issue, as well as Obamacare be the reason?

Many Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood - take away their federal dollars.  Myself included.  Planned Parenthood kills unborn babies and is the single biggest cause of genocide for African American children.  Interesting how that works.  Democrats want to continue public funding to an organization that kills mostly black babies.  Hmmmm.

As for Obamacare - personally I think it's a disaster.  The CBO has gone back and forth about it but finally said it would cost far more than originally predicted.  And the taxes on the American people are going to go up, period.  We need health care reform but Obamacare is not the answer.

As for the notion that Republicans want to return us all to the 18th century - it's all make believe to make women fear Romney.  The President said it in 2008...  "If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things."  That's exactly what Obama is doing right now.  Big Bird, binders, war on women....  it's all because his record as a President sucks. 

Tomorrow is the day to fix it.  Romney may not be the answer to all of America's problems but he'll certainly be better than another four years of the status quo.  President Obama is running on fixing roads and bridges, repairing our infrastructure.  That's the same thing he campaigned on in 2008 that should be done by now.  Has he offered anything different for the next four years besides his own failed policies and goals?  He's running on 2008 promises because he has failed on almost all of them.

Vote tomorrow.  Vote with your heart for the good of the country rather than your own agenda.  I can't fault you if you vote differently than I do but I may question your motives.  You can tell me if you wish - if you can explain it.  The future of the country is up to you....

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