Sunday, June 7, 2015

When Those On The Right Prove They're No Better Than The Left

I'm truly saddened by some of the comments I've seen from Republicans and conservatives (not always the same thing), who call themselves Christians, concerning the death Vice President Joe Biden's son. Because of Biden's politics some of these people are saying they have no sympathy for him.


I don't like Biden much. Aside from his humorous gaffs he's mostly useless in Washington. He says some pretty stupid and outrageous things at times, making those of us on the right laugh, cringe and sometimes just shake our heads in sadness. But he's a father who loves his children. And while the saying "No parent should ever have to bury a child" is a great wish - the truth is that it happens all too frequently. And in Mr. Biden's case this is the second time he has had to do it.

Biden lost his first wife and his one year old daughter in a traffic accident in 1972, just a few weeks after he was elected to the Senate. His two sons, Beau and Hunter, were both injured but survived. To lose Beau now has to be devastating. And regardless of politics Mr. Biden deserves our sympathy and our prayers. As a parent I can't imagine not offering both.

One person wrote on Facebook yesterday: "I can neither have nor extend sympathy for a person who suffers what he and his associates have caused to so many others and never once lamented or ceased to cause!"

First of all - unless he's psychic the person who wrote that has no idea what Joe Biden feels in his heart. Second - Biden is a liberal politician. He does what all liberal politicians do. Are you really going to hate him to the point where you have no sympathy at all for a man who has lost a child? What kind of person does that make you?

The Bible says we are to love our enemies. Doesn't a willful lack of sympathy for someone grieving their child make one as cold-hearted as those they criticize?

I read comments from some of these Republicans/conservatives talking of an upcoming trip by First Lady Michelle Obama, her mother and her daughters. Several of them said "I hope her plane goes down." Another wrote "Can we book a flight for them on Malaysian Air or that airline that crashed into the Alps?"  These comments are simply unbelievable to me. What have Michelle Obama, who has no political power whatsoever, or her two daughters, done to deserve a death wish? Those girls can't help who their parents are. And besides having a really bad attitude and a chip on her shoulder, Michelle is mostly harmless. 

Some express their desire that the President be shot or hung. Do they understand what would happen to our society if that happened? Do they really think we'd be better off? I'd like to see Obama impeached, for many reasons, but I don't wish him or his family any personal harm. We're supposed to be a Christian nation (regardless of Obama's denial of that) and most people on the right side of the political aisle profess to be believers. And these people are wishing for the death of the President and his family. 

How much hate must one have in his heart to wish another person dead? It's not necessarily a racist thing - it's just anti-Christian rhetoric that turns people into the very thing they vilify.

Last year in an interview, Oprah Winfrey said that old white people who are racists just need to die off. People on the right went crazy, calling her all kinds of names. But if you're complaining about the left hating America and/or not caring what happens to our country and/or our soldiers, or some other complaint, and you're stating that the answer to the problem is for them to die, how does that make you any better than Oprah?

I already know there will be people who will say "I'm wishing it for my country." And there are times, possibly in the near future, when a fight to preserve the United States of America may become necessary. But to wish a sitting President and/or his family dead? There is something seriously wrong with that type of thinking.

Mr. Biden, as well as our President, will be in my prayers. I pray often that God will open Obama's eyes to what's truly best for our nation. I pray for peace and healing in the hearts of Mr. Biden and his family, and strength for Beau's children, who are now fatherless.

I also pray for those who hate others, regardless of the reason. The only ones they really hurt with that hatred are themselves and their families.

I have the utmost sympathy for Vice President Biden and his family in their time of great loss. And if you happen to be one of those who doesn't don't worry - I feel sorry for you as well.

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