Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Jersey Gun Laws Lead To A Woman's Death

New Jersey resident, Carol Brown, lived in fear. He ex-boyfriend was not happy about their breakup and had let her know on more than one occasion. Fearing he would actually hurt her she got a restraining order against him, installed security cameras outside her home, and applied for a gun license in April of this year.

On Monday, June 1st, Carol checked on her gun license to see how much longer it would take. On Wednesday Carol was dead - stabbed to death in her own driveway. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael Eitel, has been arrested and charged with her murder.

Eitel is a felon with a long rap sheet. He was charged in 2006 with aggravated assault with bodily injury. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge and received a five year sentence. Why Carol was with him is impossible to know at this point but she had broken it off.

The Berlin Township Police Chief confirmed that Carol had indeed applied for her handgun license on April 21st. He said the process can take two months or longer. Carol died just 10 days short of the two months.

New Jersey's gun laws are draconian and, in this case, led to the death of Carol Brown.

In 2009, Governor Chris Christie signed 10 gun control bills into law. “These commonsense measures will both strengthen New Jersey’s already tough gun laws and upgrade penalties for those who commit gun crimes and violate gun-trafficking laws,” Christie said. “As elected leaders, our first duty is to maintain public safety, and these new laws will help reduce gun violence and keep our streets and communities safer.”

Your gun laws don't work well, Governor. A woman who was following the law is dead and a gun might very well have prevented it. Gun laws only hinder law-abiding citizens. It's not rocket science.

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