Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Obama Legacy... Turning Everything Into Racism

I'm watching the news this week and once again there are racist, white cops abusing poor, innocent black people, this time teenagers who were just trying to go for a swim and have a good time. They were simply minding their own business and were doing nothing wrong when the McKinney PD showed up on a mission to pick on black kids....

Or so black activists and the main stream media (basically one in the same) would have you believe. But what's really true?

On Friday evening in a housing development in McKinney, Texas, a small group of high school graduates hosted a party for their neighbors and some invited guests at their private (HOA owned) neighborhood swimming pool. It is unknown right now how many kids were invited but the HOA rules limit guests to 2 per family.

They apparently hired a DJ who, once he was there, began sending out notices on Twitter inviting people to come to the party for $15 each. He had no authority to do that (and I hope the Homeowner's Association sues him for it.) Kids who were not properly invited began arriving and when they were refused entry they began climbing over the fence. Arguments ensued, the security staff was allegedly assaulted, and at least one fight broke out between white and black.

Police were called to the scene. (They didn't just show up - they were called.) As they tried to learn the truth about what was going on they attempted to get the mob of kids to sit down while they investigated the situation. Many refused. Some began running, others began yelling at the police. When they refused to sit down and cooperate at least one officer began physically putting them on the ground.

One young lady, seen in the video wandering in and around the scene, was told at least three times by the officer to leave the area. Twice she began walking away then returned. The last time he told her to leave he was very aggressive, yelling and using profanity. The girl started to walk away again then stopped, turned around and began yelling at the officer. It appears that the officer had had enough and he decided to detain her. When he grabbed her arm the girl, like Eric Garner in New York, tried to pull away from him. That action constituted resisting, which gave him the right to use force if necessary. (When you resist a police officer you invite the use of force.)

The officer put the girl on the ground and instructed her to stay put. She kept trying to get up, by now calling for her mother. The officer kept telling her to stay down.

During the ensuing struggle two young men ran up on the officer from his right side. The video clearly shows that the one on the left, closest to the officer, in the blue t-shirt, put his left hand behind his back for a moment just as he neared the officer. The video also shows the officer noticing that. That's when he released the girl, stood up and drew his weapon - obviously fearing for his safety.

The picture from the video is fuzzy but you can see the kid's left hand almost behind his back. It actually got there.

Both of them turned and retreated - the one in the blue shirt running away around the corner. The officer never once pointed his weapon at anyone and kept it pointed at the ground the entire time. But his actions of drawing the weapon served its purpose - the two would-be attackers retreated and were no longer a threat of any kind.

Now the BlackLivesMatter activists are organizing protests in the neighborhood and the New Black Panthers have arrived on the scene. (They actually beat Sharpton there. Sharpton is slipping.) And it's being reported that some protesters and their young children are burning American flags.

I don't really understand why the BlackLivesMatter folks are protesting since no one was killed. And since at least one of the people who called the police was black - it seems he felt that his neighborhood mattered more than

Residents of the neighborhood, both white and black, are reporting death threats being made against those who support the actions of the police. That's the problem with black activists who want to make everything about racism. They decry violence against them by advocating violence against others.

This incident was a case of unruly kids being where they weren't supposed to be and refusing to follow the instructions of adult residents of the neighborhood, security officials and police. But in Obama's America, where even the President himself vilifies the police as bullies and racists, it has become normal and almost acceptable to challenge the police then blame the police for whatever happens. In Obama's America, where even the President and his wife get on international TV and talk about how bad they have it because they're black, racial animosity in the country has grown by leaps and bounds.

In Obama's America you now have black law enforcement officers turning against white law enforcement officers. You have black college students challenging others to walk on the American flag. And you have people screaming about how black lives matter even as they ignore the black genocide that is going on in our major cities.

This is Obama's legacy. The "great uniter" will be remembered in history as setting race relations back five decades in only 8 years. Yet some will still praise him.

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