Monday, February 3, 2014

O'Reilly vs Obama - No Real Answers

Yesterday evening Bill O'Reilly was granted another 10 minute interview with the President of the United States. He did the same thing three years ago just before the Super Bowl. Once again I found myself yelling at the television because of the lies being told by the President.

O'Reilly opened the interview by questioning the President about the failure of the Obamacare website. President Obama refused to admit that the rollout had been a disaster, instead telling O'Reilly that it's very common in this new technology to experience a "few glitches."

O'Reilly went on to ask why HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hasn't been held accountable for the disastrous rollout. The President said he is more focused on getting it to work properly than on who might be to blame for the problems. (The President doesn't fire anyone who is loyal to him unless it is decided that someone absolutely has to fall on the sword.)

Because he had only 10 minutes, O'Reilly then asked about Benghazi and when the President knew it was a terrorist attack. Citing the testimony of General Ham, that he (Ham) personally informed Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Dempsey of the terrorist attack soon after it began and that they went directly to the President with the information. President Obama once again denied knowing it was a terrorist attack, stating that during the tense moments during the attack it wasn't clear who the perpetrators were. He also denied any problem with Susan Rice's statements the following Sunday, saying they still didn't know who it was at that time.

O'Reilly hit the President with a question I'm sure he (Obama) didn't want to hear - that people believe the lies were told to protect his 2012 campaign until after the election. Of course the President denied that as well. Who would expect him to do otherwise?

Some people believe the President tells so many lies he begins to believe them himself. I'm not one of those. I believe the President's lies are very calculated and deliberate. I don't think he believes the Benghazi lie. He will simply continue to tell it so he doesn't have to admit to the American people that he did nothing and deliberately mislead the people until after the election. (Many military special forces groups, including the Navy SEALs, also believe as I do.)

Once again getting no credible answers, O'Reilly went on to his last question - about the IRS scandal. He asked about the 150 some visits by the head of the IRS, Douglas Shulman, to the White House before the targeting of conservatives began. The President attributed the visits to the health care bill and denied having any meetings with Shulman personally.

Rick Ungar, a Forbes Magazine left-wing contributor, published an article saying there is no record of Shulman actually visiting the White House that many times however, the President didn't deny it and we all know he has a history of keeping information concerning White House visits hidden from the public. So I wouldn't put it past him.

The President denied there was any wrongdoing at the IRS. When O'Reilly told him millions of people believe there is corruption within the agency the President blamed FOX News saying "That's because you and your network keep telling them there's a problem." I guess if it wasn't for FOX News everyone in the country would be pleased and happy with the Obama administration and what they're doing. After all - the main stream media these days is nothing but a cheer leading squad for the President. Thank God for FOX!

The President reiterated that there is no corruption within the IRS. He backed that up with the fact that "there have been numerous hearings" that prove what he's saying. He did leave out the part that the person assigned to investigate the "alleged" corruption was a big Obama supporter who had contributed thousands of dollars to his campaigns. Appointing an Obama supporter to investigate an Obama scandal is corrupt in and of itself. O'Reilly didn't go there, unfortunately.

At the end of the interview O'Reilly said he believes the President's heart is in the right place. Many Americans, including me, didn't quite understand why he said that. Did he mean Obama is a good guy despite his political failures and lies? Did he mean that despite the socialistic, government growing, dependent society Obama is growing in the United States that he has our best interest at heart? I don't know.

What I believe is that O'Reilly, knowing he asked difficult questions and made the President lie once again to the American people, wanted to sooth his fans on the left so he softened his last comment to appease them. One thing O'Reilly does is play to both sides of the aisle for his audience. It's why he continues to be the number 1 talk show host on cable TV. And it's one thing about him that annoys me.

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