Friday, February 7, 2014

A Shooting Accident You Won't Hear About

I read an article this morning that spoke volumes about the main stream media and their lack of reporting anything that doesn't serve their liberal agenda. The first paragraph of the article was as follows:

If a Ruger LCP semi-automatic is accidentally fired inside the office of a Kentucky state representative, will it make a sound? Not in the mainstream media — and especially not if the gun’s owner is a Democrat.

It seems Kentucky State Representative Leslie Combs, a Democrat, picked up her personal handgun last week and, believing it was empty, pulled the trigger, firing a round inside her office.

Wait... a Democrat with a gun?

Apparently this wasn't a big story for the main stream media. It was originally published by Glenn Beck's news organization, The Blaze, and did eventually find its way onto the Associated Press wire and into the back pages of the New York Times. But ABC, CBS and NBC ignored the story completely. How could they possibly air a story about a Democrat who mishandled a personal firearm in her own state office? That would mean admitting that Democrats do carry guns and some of them are actually stupid enough to pull the trigger of a weapon they haven't cleared.

There was no word about where the bullet went or if Ms. Combs put anyone in close physical danger but it seems to me she should be charged with reckless endangerment, firing a weapon inside city limits and possibly being in possession of a firearm in a government building. (I'm not familiar with Kentucky law to know if that is prohibited but in most states I believe it is.)

This is one story you won't see reported by the main stream media. Apparently it's just not newsworthy. Just think what would have happened if Combs had been a Republican...

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