Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Democrat Changes To Procedure Could Be Good For Republicans In The Future

Apparently President Obama's penchant for enforcing only laws that he agrees with and ignoring or changing those he disagrees with (or those which will negatively effect the outcome of an upcoming election) is spreading throughout his administration.

Seemingly emboldened by the lack of any challenges by lawmakers in Washington Eric Holder has taken lawless corruption to a new level. In a New York Times interview published Monday, the U.S. Attorney General said that state attorneys general aren’t required to defend laws they consider discriminatory, including bans on same-sex marriage.

“Engaging in that process and making that determination is something that’s appropriate for an attorney general to do,” Holder told the Times.

A search on the job description/duties of an Attorney General provided the following:

The title attorney general often describes the chief law enforcement officer in government, whether it be on the federal, state or local level. The attorney general also acts as the country's representative in legal matters and as the lead legal counsel for his government.

At the federal level, the attorney general often gives advice and opinions to the president and other federal departments. The attorney general also manages what is considered one of the world's largest law offices and the central agency for enforcement of federal laws.

The position of U.S. Attorney General is a political position appointed by the President. The job description does say you must possess a law degree to be the Attorney General so Holder probably has one. Nowhere in that job description does it say the Attorney General, at any level, has the authority to change or ignore laws they disagree with. But like the President, Eric Holder has decided not only that he can do it but that all attorneys general can follow suit.

I must have missed the part of the job description that says the Attorney General, or the President for that matter, has the authority to change or ignore laws they disagree with. Come to think of it - that's not in the Constitution either. And silly me - I have always believed that if a law needs to be changed or eliminated that it had to go through the House for that to happen. 

In my humble and often understated opinion that should be an impeachable offense - for both the President and the Attorney General. Except Republicans in Washington are cowards and don't have the courage to impeach the first black President. They might eventually find the courage to impeach Holder but I actually doubt that will happen either. The main stream media will make them out to be racists and and make people believe it's about color rather than ineptitude and corruption.

I certainly hope when Republicans regain control of the White House that liberals remember what new authority Obama and Holder have given to the President and Attorney General. The ability of the President and Attorney General to write, change and ignore certain laws of the land will make things more interesting all the way around. Just like the removal of the filibuster by Harry Reid could work out well for Republicans after they regain control in November. 

Anyone want to bet the same liberals who support those changes now will be screaming about how unfair those changes are then?

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