Sunday, February 2, 2014

MSNBC - Spreading Hatred At Every Opportunity

Did you notice that MSNBC had to let another person go last week? It seems to be a recurring trend with the cable network - apologizing to individuals or groups for some disgusting thing one of their employees says publicly.

This time it was an anonymous someone who posted made a post on their official Twitter account "Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family." This was following a commercial for Cheerios featuring an interracial couple with their biracial child that was re-introduced by General Mills recently.

The Tweet, which was later removed, indicates that conservatives hate interracial couple and biracial children - just another attempt by the far-left network to stir up hatred against people on the right.

It was less than a month ago when Melissa Harris-Perry had to apologize for mocking the Romney family over their adopted black grandson. Harris-Perry even shed a tear as she apologized - no doubt to make it seem sincere. She is one of the most radical liberal employed by the network, often sounding downright communistic in her narratives.

On December 4, 2013, another personality from MSNBC had to resign over disgusting comments he made about Sarah Palin on his show. Martin Bashir, former talk show host with MSNBC since 2010, resigned from the network nearly three weeks after saying that because Sarah Palin said something he disagreed with someone should "defecate in her mouth." Apparently the network had to think this one over because it took so long for any action to be taken. Bashir apologized three days after the remarks but calls for him to be fired for such vile language went unheeded and, in the end, he resigned.

They do have one more host at the network who regularly accuses conservatives of being racist but nothing is ever done about that one. "Hardball" host Chris Matthews regularly says anything and everything conservatives do (up to and including breathing, I believe) is racist. He talks about "racist code words" and other things that his twisted, hateful mind can dream up. Yet I don't recall him apologizing for anything. Maybe he's special because of that "tingle" he gets up his leg when the President speaks...?

As to the current incident - after RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (yes - it's an odd name) complained publicly about it MSNBC apparently fired the culprit and Tweeted the following: "Earlier, this account tweeted an offensive line about the new Cheerios ad. We deeply regret it. It does not reflect the position of msnbc."

I'm thinking it really does reflect the position of MSNBC. Why else would people continue to spew their hatred of conservatives if the agency itself didn't secretly approve it? It's simply that sometimes they have to take action when one of their people goes over the top. Then they apologize to make it better and get ready for the next one.

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