Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pelosi Says Drone Strikes On Americans Can Be Kept Secret

Soon after September 11, 2001, George W. Bush signed the “Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.”  This bill, with the acronym “USA PATRIOT ACT” removed many restrictions from federal law enforcement agencies investigating and tracking terrorists.  It also gave them the ability to conduct wire-tapping operations on suspected terrorists.  On October 24, 2001, the Act passed the House 357 to 66, with Democrats comprising the overwhelming portion of dissent.  The following day on October 25, 2001, the Act passed the Senate by 98 to 1, with Russ Feingold the only opposition.  For the most part the PATRIOT ACT was a bipartisan bill.

Not long after the bill was signed into law opposition began.  The ACLU and many liberals and Libertarians objected, saying it was unconstitutional and violated the civil rights of all Americans.  The bill (or parts of it) has been renewed both by President Bush and President Obama.  Many on the left still complain about the PATRIOT Act and it is often blasted by the main stream media. 

In like manner, the left screamed about the Bush administration’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques decrying them as torture.  Even President Obama said waterboarding was torture and that the United States does not use torture to gain intelligence information.  The government waterboarded three terrorists during the Bush administration.  No one died and, as much as the President doesn’t like to admit it, the intelligence gained led to locating Osama Bin Laden – one of President Obama’s strongest bragging topics. 

So why is it that so few on the left are complaining about President Obama’s declaration that he has the authority to kill American citizens with drone strikes?  The President has already killed one American without due process.  And while I have no problem with the death of Anwar Al Awlaki, an American Muslim citizen who had declared war on the United States, I do have a problem with Mr. Obama’s latest declaration.  

Supported by his Attorney General, the President says he can use drone strikes to kill any American “deemed (by the government) to be part of a terrorist organization” even if there is no evidence that person is a current threat to the United States.  So President Obama and his administration can decide someone is a terrorist and kill them, without proof, no questions asked. 

Where is the main stream media screaming about a violation of civil rights?  Where are the liberal protests?  Where are the marches on Washington condemning President Obama?  Where is Michael Moore??!!  (To be fair, Moore has written his disagreement with drone strikes in general but I have not heard anything from him about the killing of Americans.)

The only ones who are standing against this atrocity are the Republicans.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Democrat Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi said that if and when the President orders a drone strike to kill an American he doesn’t have to let it be known.  “It just depends,” she reportedly said.  “People just want to be protected.” She also said that such disclosure “depends on the timing, because that’s right — it’s all about the timing.”

That certainly would fit in with President Obama’s statements that his is “the most transparent Presidency in history.”  Declaring an American a terrorist without having to prove it and secretly killing them – yup – that’s transparency at its best.  I think of all the things the left has done in recent years this would be the most hypocritical of all.  If they don’t stand up to the President declaring himself the authority to target and kill Americans just because he wants to where does it end?  How long do you think it will take before some of those Americans are here in the USA and are targeted?  There are already drones in the skies above the United States.  Don’t believe it?  See the link below.

The Department of Homeland Security is buying up guns and ammunition like it’s going out of style (and it may be for us civilians).  Why do they need all that firepower unless they’re gearing up for something major here in the United States?  And President Obama has been questioning military leaders if they would fire on American citizens if ordered and is reportedly replacing the ones who answer negatively.  I’m thinking drone strikes on people here in the U.S. may trigger an uproar from the people – something about which the Obama administration not only seems to be worried but, in fact, appears to be preparing for.

I don’t make this stuff up.  I merely read various articles and watch the news and put facts together.  Anyone who doesn’t see the apparent buildup of government forces and misuse of power by the Obama administration is, in my humble opinion, either living with blinders on or deliberately ignoring the facts.  Either way – it’s dangerous.

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