Thursday, January 31, 2013

Once Again In New York....

A couple of days ago the New York City Council overwhelmingly voted (44-4) in favor of allowing unemployed residents to sue companies and business owners, with which they had an interview, if they do not get the job. 

You read that correctly.  The City of New York has opened the door to people suing a potential employer because they do not get hired.  I guess the City Council believes it is helping the unemployed but in reality it will most likely result in fewer interviews being granted and fewer people being hired.  Of course, if a person can show they were denied an interview they can probably sue the potential employer for that as well. 

Think about the possibilities.  An unemployed person could lie on his application about his experience, completely fail the interview and if he doesn’t get the job he can sue the interviewing company.  Makes perfect sense to me….

I am beginning to wonder why anyone wants to live in New York City besides liberals who live off of government entitlements and who enjoy government control.  In the last year Mayor Bloomberg has outlawed smoking in public places (such as parks and the beach), has passed new, stricter gun laws, has decided citizens cannot buy soft drinks in cups bigger than 16 ounces, has told hospital Emergency Rooms they cannot give out more than three pain pills to a patient, and now the City Council wants to allow people to sue someone if they don't get a job.  Ironically, Mayor Bloomberg says he will veto this bill if it comes to his desk.  That truly surprises me since Bloomberg has been working hard to turn New York City into a nanny city.  The mayor should jump at this chance to level the playing field!  But it doesn’t really matter because the City Council says if he vetoes the bill they have a large enough majority to override the veto and pass the bill anyway.

One has to wonder what may be next to come out of New York…

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