Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Hypocrisy In The Debate On Gun Control....

The other night I was watching FOX News (I know I just put some of my readers off...) and there was a report by an independent reporter who tried to interview Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, about gun control and the new gun laws in New York.  The reporter, who was immediately demeaned by the left, asked Mayor Bloomberg if he would be willing to give up his personal security team to support the new gun laws in the State of New York.

The man was intercepted by five, (count them) FIVE armed security personnel surrounding Mayor Bloomberg.  You can bet their weapons had more than 7 bullets each in their magazines.  The reporter wasn't a threat to the Mayor.  He merely wanted to know if the Mayor was willing to practice what he preached.  The security staff would not let the man near the Mayor.  They even chased him down the street. 

It seems Mayor Bloomberg believes that while the average NYC citizen should not be able to protect himself from violent criminals, he and others who share his stature should be.  It's the same as the President sending his girls to a school that has armed guards protecting them while he says your kids should not be protected by armed security in their schools.  Of course, people will say that the President’s kids should absolutely be protected because he’s the President.  But in all seriousness, why are his children more special and important than others?  After all – regardless of what some people may think – regardless of what office he holds, he’s a man.  That’s all.  And sorry, but his kids are no more special than any other child in the country.  Certainly no more special than mine.

Dianne Feinstein's predictable anti-gun bill takes almost all guns away from the average law-abiding citizen while exempting her and other government employees from that restriction.  Isn’t that special…? 

It also seems noteworthy that New York’s Governor Mario Cuomo was the first to pass new, more stringent gun legislation following the Sandy Hook School shooting, limiting the number of bullets you can have in a magazine and increasing restrictions on “assault rifles”.  Before signing the bill the governor said "You can overpower the extremists with intelligence and common sense."  I’m not sure if he was talking about pro-gun “extremists” or pro-gun criminals but anyone want to bet the governor’s personal security team carries more than 7 bullets each in their weapons?  It wouldn’t surprise me if they even have an assault rifle or two in their vehicle(s).

But then, politicians are always quick to let us know we are just not as important as they are.  I don’t begrudge Bloomberg or Cuomo their security teams.  God knows in this day and age they probably need them.  But why do they want to limit their constituents’ ability to protect their homes and property?  Who are they to decide what weapon is best for home protection?  Fully automatic weapons are against the law in this country, as are multiple burst weapons, and that’s OK in my book.  A person could do a lot of damage accidentally if they had a weapon that fired on automatic.  (Can you imagine what would have happened to Dick Cheney’s hunting friend if that were the case?)  But an AR-15 for home defense makes perfect sense.  Light weight, accurate, great stopping power and plenty of ammunition if needed.  Some people prefer a shotgun but honestly, a shotgun can cause far more damage, both to a person and a home, than a .223 round. 

How do liberals continue to support such biased politicians and legislation believing those politicians really care about the people?  These politicians care only about retaining their positions come election time and making enough noise to keep their faithful voters on their side.  And in the meantime we law-abiding Americans continue to lose our rights to an ever growing government that is beginning to reek of tyranny.  I believe the President will go all out on his far-left agenda in the next four years.  I only hope the Republicans will find some cojones and stand up to him instead of bending over.  Otherwise it may not matter who we elect in 2016…

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