Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Once Again In The Liberal Media...

Well, it is happening again.  In the news is a report of another multiple shooting in New Mexico.  A 15 year old boy took the lives of his parents, brother and two sisters.  The weapons used vary depending on which network you watch.

According to police the boy has confessed to the murders, stating his motivation was anger at his mother.  By his own statement, late Saturday night 15 year old Nehemiah Griego took a 22 rifle from his dad's closet and shot his sleeping mother in the head.  His 9 year old brother, who was sleeping next to his mother, woke up and was also shot and killed.  The teenager then went to the room of his sisters and shot them as well.  The boy's father was not home at the time.

Young Griego then took an AR-15 rifle from his father's closet and waited for him to come home from work, about 5am.  The father, a pastor at a local church and a volunteer chaplain for the fire department and the county jail, walked unsuspectingly into an ambush.  The boy fired multiple .223 rounds into his father's head and face.  Griego told police he then was going to go to the local Walmart, begin shooting people at random and then die in a shootout with police.  He apparently talked to a friend on the way who talked him out of it and into meeting him at his father's church.  Once at the church the boy eventually told his story to a security guard, a retired police officer, who called 911.

Not surprisingly, the articles by NBC and CNN reporting this terrible tragedy only report that an AR-15 "assault rifle" was used and don't say anything about the .22 caliber weapon that was used to commit the first four murders.  In their effort to aid President Obama's assault on the Second Amendment they report only the truth they want you to know.  Why not tell the truth and declare a .22 rifle and assault rifle as well?  And when are they going to begin blaming the .22 instead of the boy?  After all, the boy had no prior record of involvement with law enforcement so that AR-15 and the .22 must have combined to make him kill, right?

It may sound like I have no sympathy for the dead but that is wrong.  I feel terribly for that family and I feel terrible for that 15 year old who not only decided he needed to kill but had also decided he needed to die.  What terrible things must be going on inside his head to make him do the things he did and was going to do.  Some will say that if his father didn't have guns in the house it wouldn't have happened.  But I'm guessing if his thinking was that bizarre and violent he'd have found a way.  People who decide to kill don't normally change their minds because they simply don't have a gun.  They find a way.

So the assault on assault rifles will continue, now with the media and left wing politicians having even more "ammunition" to "target" those weapons.  (Wait - haven't those words been outlawed by the Democrats as dangerous and violent?)  Instead of focusing on the problem at hand, which is obviously the mental health status of that boy, they will focus on removing guns from the general public.  And those who want to kill will find other ways.

There is a definite need to do something about multiple shootings.  Even as I type this there is a report of another active shooting at a college in Houston, Texas.  Something is definitely wrong in this country.  I'm guessing rather than it being the ability for people to arm themselves it more likely is because God and the 10 commandments are being pushed aside by those who believe they're not needed anymore.  Fifty years ago, when most people in the country still believed in God and family and doing the right thing these types of incidents were very few and far between.  They were a very rare exception in our society.  These days they seem to have become a part of the norm.  But it's still not the fault of the weapon.  After all - over 81 million legal gun owners didn't kill anyone today.  That says something.

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