Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Live Strong - Especially If You're Doping. My Take On Lance Armstrong

I’ve been following the Lance Armstrong news for the last 48 hours.  It seems Mr. Armstrong, after 15 years of lying to everyone and bad mouthing those who accused him, finally admitted that he was doping to win the Tour de France.    Congratulations for finally admitting what most of us already believed, Lance.  Now let’s look at what you might be able to expect.

I heard on the news yesterday that his estimated net worth is anywhere from 110 to 140 million dollars.  That wealth has been accumulated over the years from prize money, endorsements, movie appearances, and his foundation.  Oh yeah…  he won a lawsuit against a British tabloid who published an article saying he was doping.  He sued them for slander and liable and won about half a million dollars.  Oops.

First of all he could face legal action.  The federal case against him was dropped when they couldn’t find enough evidence to move forward.  However, since that case never went to court and Armstrong was never acquitted of any charges that case can be re-opened and he can now be charged with perjury, as well as the use of illegal substances. 

The British tabloid can sue him for recovery of the judgment they paid him along with interest, court costs and legal fees.

There were several fellow athletes who were vilified by Armstrong because they testified that he was doping and he insisted he wasn’t.  I don’t know if they’ll pursue civil cases against him but they probably should.
The companies that have paid him huge amounts for product endorsements most likely have a morals clause in their contracts that allow for the contracts to be cancelled if Armstrong does/did anything that brings shame or a bad image to the company.  Some of those contracts may even allow the company to be reimbursed by Armstrong in that case.

One of the biggest questions I have is “Why?”  Why confess to doping after 15 years of denying it?  

According to what I’ve heard, Armstrong showed up for the Oprah interview with four lawyers in tow, most of whom were telling him not to confess to anything.   Could it be that Lance is tired of lying and wants to get this off his chest once and for all?  Could it be that it’s simply impossible to lie to Oprah?  (chuckling softly…)  

Could it be, as has been rumored, that he wants to come clean now so he can re-enter cycling competitions?  Or could it be that he’s facing legal action anyway so he’s confessing to break the ice?  Only Armstrong and his attorneys know the answer to those questions.  One thing is certain – he has left himself open for a slew of negative reactions. 

I have also heard Armstrong cried during the interview.  One of his former teammates said Armstrong is very good at playing to a camera and that if he cried it was merely an act intended to manipulate people into feeling sorry for him.  I will watch the interview tomorrow and form my own opinion but those “lying” teammates were right about everything else.

Lance Armstrong is a liar and a hypocrite at best.  He preached good health and clean living through his “Live Strong” campaign, selling yellow wrist bands (another source of his wealth) to people who believed in him – all the while lying to us all and living a life he denied.  I can’t feel sorry for him.  It’s not very Christian of me but part of me hopes the feds, the tabloid and his teammates go after him in full force.  It would serve him right.  

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