Sunday, March 18, 2012

Will Liberals Ever See Reality?

Last year David Letterman said Sarah Palin dresses like a slut. Michelle Obama will appear on his show tomorrow night – a show that is on Monday through Friday, ever week, all year long.

Three weeks ago Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut and then apologized for it. Many on the left are demanding Rush be removed from the air for his remarks and President Obama called Fluke at home to offer condolences for Rush’s comments. President Obama has also said he would be the example of correct speech and rhetoric, yet there were not phone calls to Sarah Palin offering condolences for Letterman’s remarks. And obviously it’s not a problem large enough to keep the First Lady off his show.

In the last year Bill Mahar has called Michelle Bachman a slut and called Sarah Palin the “C” word. Not only have there been no phone calls from the President offering condolences for Mahar’s remarks but Mahar recently donated one million dollars to the President’s re-election campaign. That money has yet to be returned and the President has kept quiet about Mahar’s remarks so obviously it’s OK if liberals use degrading and vile speech against conservative women but it’s not OK if a conservative talk who host says anything bad about a liberal woman.

Of course, I realize some will say I’m only “playing gotcha” against President Obama and that since Palin and Bachman are public figures it’s different. Oh – and Bill Mahar is a comedian and that makes it different as well. No matter what, there is always a reason why such vile remarks from the left are acceptable and even welcome but the same type of remarks from the right are grounds to end a career. And if that’s “playing gotcha” I’ll play all day. Fair is fair and wrong is wrong and if it’s wrong for the right to say vile and/or insulting things about the left then it’s equally wrong for the left to do it with the right.

I’m so sick of liberal hypocrisy I can’t stand it. I’d respect any liberal who said “You know – you’re correct. Letterman and Mahar’s remarks were disgusting and if people want Limbaugh off the air for his remarks then those two should be gone as well. I’m not going to hold my breath for that. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive…

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