Monday, March 5, 2012

Limbaugh vs Bill Mahar... And Rush Should Apologize?

As most everyone who watches the news knows by now, last week Rush Limbaugh made some disparaging remarks about a 30 year old law student at Georgetown University, Sandra Fluke, in relation to her remarks before Congress concerning birth control. Because of her demand for free birth control to be provided at Georgetown, a Jesuit run university, Limbaugh target some remarks against Fluke, calling her a "slut" and at one point suggesting she and other recipients of subsidized contraception provide videos of their sexual encounters as a kind of payback.

I realize I won’t be popular with certain people for this opinion but anyone who listens to Limbaugh on a regular basis knew he was being outrageous but facetious in making his comments. He simply got carried away in the moment and went a little too far in calling Fluke a slut. (And anyone who believed he really thought she should submit videos is extremely na├»ve.) Granted, he went over the top and should have chosen his words more carefully. He’s paying for it now.

Rush is losing sponsors over the ordeal even though he apologized for his words. Some on the left have called for his resignation and/or termination from his program over it. He won’t resign, I doubt he can be fired and he’ll find other sponsors. Rush has the number 1 radio talk show in the country and has for years. He brings in millions in advertizing dollars despite his controversial remarks. After being on the air over 20 years I seriously doubt this is going to hurt him, much to the chagrin of those who hate him.

There is a point to all of this and here it is. Liberal television talk show host, Bill Mahar, has said numerous disgusting and vile things on his shows over the years and I have yet to hear people on the left demand his resignation, termination or even an apology. Mahar, a popular host with the left, has called Sarah Palin the “C” word, regularly says vile things about Christians and Jesus, and the left never challenges him or demands his resignation.

Apparently President Obama called Ms. Fluke on Friday to express his thanks to her for appearing before Congress. Obama also expressed his "disappointment" that Sandra Fluke has been subjected to "inappropriate personal attacks," White House spokesman Jay Carney said. The president found Limbaugh's comments "reprehensible" and "crude," Carney said.

So did President Obama call Sarah Palin when Bill Mahar called her the “C” word? Did he come out and make a statement to the press (or did Jay Carney) that this type of comment was reprehensible and crude? I could be wrong but I think most women I know would find the “C” word far more demeaning than being called a slut, not that either of them are acceptable. (Let me reiterate that I believe Rush was wrong in what he said.) I wonder if Bill Mahar gets a pass for all the vile things he says because he can be counted on to make large donations to President Obama’s re-election campaign via Obama’s PAC. That donation recently was $1,000,000.00.

So once again we have the double standard of the left. Last year it was the left demanding less violent rhetoric from the right even as they continued their own assault on the right and blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords. Now it’s Rush Limbaugh being attacked for a remark that pales in comparison to some of those their own Bill Mahar makes on a daily basis. When does the left actually practice what they preach when it comes to being civil? I have yet to see it.

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