Monday, June 13, 2011

Time To Put It To Rest...

In the last few days members of the mostly liberal media, both electronic and printed, have been scouring over 24,000 e-mails written by then-Governor, Sarah Palin, and released to the public by the State of Alaska just last week. Seeking more ways to discredit her and/or assassinate her character, some media outlets even enlisted the assistance of readers and viewers in trying to find something, anything that could be further investigated. So hundreds, if not thousands of eyes were reading these e-mails over the last few days and what they found was… nothing.

Ms. Palin’s e-mails showed her as a serious, hard working Governor who tried in earnest to do the best for her state, cared for her staff and took them to task as necessary. Even the e-mails about “Troopergate” showed nothing different than what Palin had already said publicly about it. There was nothing there the “investigators” could use against her.

Everyone has their opinion about Sarah Palin. Whether she’s a good candidate for President, a decent politician, a good mom, a good author, or a good public speaker is in the eye of the beholder and people feel strongly about her one way or another. Personally, I feel those who like to say she’s stupid are not really paying attention to the woman. She has made some statements that aren’t seen to be highly intelligent (some of which were obvious sarcasm but that point was overlooked) but name one politician who hasn’t said something stupid at one time or another. The President himself campaigned in 57 states and Joe Biden produces so many gaffes I think they hide him from the cameras these days. Of course, President Obama’s statement was a slip of the tongue that was heavily defended by the media. But when Sarah Palin jokes about being able to see Russia from her home they still call her stupid even now, three years later.

My point is, the media, and many people, have been brutally assaulting, in words, Sarah Palin’s character, intelligence, abilities, and even her family for three years now, long after the 2008 election and long before the 2012 election. They won’t let her out of the spotlight and they get upset if she tries to do anything without telling them. (Yes, I said “They won’t let her out of the spotlight." Sometimes she seeks the media out for certain things but I guarantee you she’s not parked outside of their houses.) I think it’s time the left puts this to rest and leave the woman alone. She hasn’t even announced whether or not she will run for President in 2012 yet she’s in the news almost daily being hounded by the left wing media. Personally I liken it to stalking. They’re obsessed by her and can’t leave her alone. And overall I think she’s handled it with class and dignity. One has to wonder what members of that same media would do if the tables were reversed and they were the ones being hounded?

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