Thursday, December 15, 2016

Olbermann: "Trump Is A Puppet Of Vladimir Putin"

Keith Olbermann, the loud mouthed liberal who went from sportscaster for ESPN to political pundit for MSNBC, said yesterday that the Russians had not only hacked into the Democrat National Committee computers and made information public to hurt Hillary Clinton in the election but that they had also hacked into the Republican National Committee computers. He said they are withholding the information discovered in the RNC computers so they can use it to control the Trump administration once Trump is inaugurated.

Typical for a liberal nut job - Olbermann didn't present any evidence to support his claims. Like Harry Reid, he put the information out there as fact and leaves it up to the listener to determine whether or not his statements are true. He bases his knowledge of the subject on news articles from the likes of the New York Times and the Washington Post, both far-left supporters of Hillary.

The CIA and the FBI disagree about whether or not both the DNC and RNC were hacked. The CIA says both, the FBI says it was only the DNC. So who is to be believed? John McCain and Lindsay Graham both want an investigation to see if the RNC was hacked and to see if Trump benefited from Russian hacking. That tends to make me say “Forget it.” McCain and Graham are the dufus duo of Washington.

Olbermann, in his 1200 plus word rant, says that the Electoral College must vote for Hillary Clinton to “save the country” and that anyone who doesn't believe his “existential facts” is a traitor to the country and “will immediately, and forever after, be held accountable.”

Held accountable by whom, Keith? You? That's laughable at best.

Go back to sports broadcasting. Your liberal views are pushing you toward fanaticism. You're losing it. And you're annoying.

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