Friday, December 9, 2016

Liberals Going Crazy Over Trump's EPA Appointment. It's Entertaining!

Donald Trump has appointed Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. The left is going absolutely crazy over this pick. Personally, I think it's brilliant.

Pruitt is a critic of climate change science. That's good. We need someone heading that agency that isn't fueled by left-wing panic over climate change which, as Pruitt himself has stated, and despite what liberals like to claim, is not an absolute fact. Climate change statistics are generated by computers based on information fed into them by people. And while the left likes to believe that those people feeding the information are infallible, there is mega money to be made in the climate change arena.

The Obama administration, in collusion with the EPA, has taxed corporations and caused huge, expensive changes to be mandatory for them to survive. They're killing the coal industry (intentionally) in the name of clean air and they've squandered countless billions of dollars on green energy companies that got your tax dollars then went belly up - taking the money with them. The list is long.

Like it or not, fossil fuels will be our main sources of energy for at least a couple more decades. Understanding that and managing them wisely is prudent to the future of the nation. I have no doubt Scott Pruitt will do just that.

Of course - there will be some who will start shouting "Republicans want dirty air and dirty water!!" In fact, that's already happening. It's the same as them saying "Donald Trump is going to end medicare outlaw abortion and end same sex marriage." Simply untrue.

What they fail to understand is that the laws already in place keep the air and water clean. A new, conservative head of the EPA will keep things in the realm of logical instead of emotional.

If climate change and global warming are so real why is it that the polar ice caps are still here when "experts" (including Al Gore) predicted they would be gone by September 2016? While the Arctic ice cap shrinks and grows, the Antarctic ice cap is growing at nearly a record pace. Imagine...

Why is it that two of America's most outspoken climate change celebrities, those being Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio, travel all around the world in their private jets while telling the public that reducing their carbon footprint is vital? Why is it that Al Gore said the ice caps would melt and sea levels would be rising then bought a home on the beach in California? And why is it that Mr. Gore's global warming movie, which garnered him a Nobel Prize, was proved later to be full of falsehoods and outright lies yet he was never called on it?

Why is that that Al Gore has made millions upon millions of dollars pushing "green" products and solutions that really haven't worked except on his bank account?

Perhaps the most important question of all... why is that the left simply doesn't care about the answers to those questions? But then - they don't care what Hillary Clinton does either so it's no big surprise.

Like Trump's other appointments, Pruitt will be a great choice. He will be able to reign in the overzealous, emotional agency and keep it focused on real issues and find real solutions. And the other plus about his appointment? Far left zealots who currently work for the EPA might just resign if he is confirmed by the Senate - thus reducing the size of government. How bad could that be?

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