Monday, April 20, 2015

Obama Wants Michelle To Get Paid

Several times during his Presidency, and as recently as last week, President Obama has stated his belief that First Lady Michelle Obama should receive a fat paycheck for being First Lady. I'm not sure what she does to earn said paycheck except, like many government agencies, she spends a lot of taxpayer dollars. And like those government agencies, many of the taxpayer dollars she spends are basically wasted - on luxurious vacations and travel. She's been known to take a separate Air Force flight from her husband even when they were going to the same place on the same day.

Mrs. Obama enjoys a life of luxury every day. She lives in a mansion paid for with taxpayer dollars. She has a chef, personal assistants, housekeepers, people to do her laundry, wait staff, etc., and pays nothing for it. Pretty much anything she wants she gets as far as creature comforts and the bill is given to the American people. And the President wants her to be paid for that?

Michelle Obama was not elected to the position of First Lady. Good or bad, the title comes from being married to the President of the United States. I'm not even sure where the title came from except that some people believe it was first used by Zachary Taylor in his eulogy for Dolley Madison. Mostly it is a way to distinguish the wife of the President of the United States from other women.

President Obama uses his desire for Michelle to get paid in conjunction with his complaints about pay disparities between men and women and the fact that Republicans (his words) are responsible for it. He fails to mention that in his own White House administration there is a 13% difference between the average pay for male staffers and female staffers. That difference has been there since Obama took office in 2009. So while he talks big about pay disparities and blames Republicans, he's done nothing about it for those over whom he has control.

To be fair, one reason there is a pay disparity in the White House is because more men hold senior positions than do women. But isn't that sexist? Should the President promote more women who work for him? He would be demanding it of a Republican administration, you can bet.

In other news, in Obama's "counter terrorism success story," Yemen, Saudi led coalition forces are bombing the capital city to destroy weapons caches held by Iranian-backed Shiite rebels. Obama's new BFF, Iran, is complaining that the Saudis are "not abiding by their international obligations and respecting diplomatic missions."

So the Iranians are helping to overthrow the Yemeni government and threatening to destroy not only Israel but the United States and it's the Saudis who are not abiding by international obligations? And since Obama refuses to address the threats to Israel and America during his nuclear negotiations with his new friend - it seems he's not living up to international obligations either. It seems in the case of Iran and Obama that it's the fanatical leading the blind.

But Yemen is a success story. Josh Earnest said so just two weeks ago. And pulling all of our troops out of Iraq was a successful end to the mission also. We shouldn't allow ISIS to detract from the success of that mission. That's what the left keeps saying.

If that's success I can't help but wonder what failure looks like.

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