Friday, April 17, 2015

Black Man Beaten By Black Mob - Media And Sharpton Silent

Memphis, Tennessee - home of Elvis, blues, Mud Island on the Mississippi River, Saint Jude's Children's Hospital, and great dry-rub barbecue - something I personally have adopted in my own kitchen. It's a great place to visit and see the sights.

But just days ago Memphis took an ugly turn for one of its residents. Orrden Williams, a black man who had stopped at a BP gas station to use the ATM, was getting ready to return to his car when he encountered Mary Fuller, an elderly white woman who was expressing fear of returning to her car because of a large group of black high school students who were in the parking lot, "flashing gang signs and raising a ruckus."

Fuller, clearly afraid for her safety, said to Williams "I don’t know if I ought to walk out of here or not, because they’re still fighting."

"It's not a problem. I'll take care of this," Williams responded. He put his arm around Ms. Fuller and escorted her to her vehicle. Video from the station's security camera shows Williams and Fuller as they come out of the station and go to her car. Williams mistakenly says something to the boys about settling down. I think that was his mistake.

Just as Fuller gets safely in her car and closes the door, the video shows a black teenager walk up behind Williams and sucker punch him in the back of the head. Williams turned to defend himself saying "Is that all you've got?" when he was surrounded, chased and beaten by a mob of black students.

The cameras show Williams attempting to flee as he is being pummeled. He eventually made it to his mini-van where his fiance' was waiting with their two children, a toddler and a four month old baby. Williams said at one point the attackers very nearly hit his toddler son.

He got into the van and secured the doors. That's when the mob began to attack and damage his vehicle.

Ms. Fuller watched the melee from the safety of her car. “They don’t care about human beings,” she said. “If I hadn’t been in the car, they’d have soon got me.”

“This was a terrorist act,” said Williams. “This is a civilized society. We have no place for this.”

The Memphis Police Department has increased its presence at the gas station, which is adjacent to the Northwest Prep Academy - which is described as a reform school for troubled youth. The gas station is where the kids hang out while waiting for the bus. Station employees say fights and threats occur daily. Police have been called to the station 43 times in the last year

So where are civic leaders demanding this violence cease? Where is the main stream media decrying this violence? Oh wait...  it's black on black violence. There's no money in it for Sharpton or the media. Even if it had been Ms. Fuller who was beaten instead of Mr. Williams, Sharpton and the main stream media would have ignored it. Only white on black incidents draw donations and advertising dollars. Silly me.

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