Friday, April 24, 2015

As President - Hillary Wants To "Topple The 1%"

Here we go again. Hillary Clinton wants to pretend she is just one of the common folks, appalled by those wealthy one-percenters who have all the money while she and the other commoners barely get by.

"By toppling the rich, I'm gonna go get their money," Mrs. Clinton said a few days ago. "I'm gonna take it away from them. My first target's gonna be the Koch brothers. I'm gonna take everything they've got!"

First of all - what kind of a Presidential candidate threatens American citizens? Granted the Koch brothers are extremely wealthy and conservative (the real problem) but for a Presidential candidate to target American citizens, regardless of their status or political leanings, is pathetic. But Hillary's supporters will devour her statements and cheer her on.

Secondly, and more important, Hillary likes people to believe that she is not one of those "evil one-percenters." Her followers seem to be blind to her wealth. But not only is she one of the one-percenters, she and Bill are right up there at the top of the list. Sure, she doesn't have the money that the Koch brothers have. Nor does she rank up there with Bill Gates. But according to a new book by Peter Schweizer, "Clinton Cash," she and Bill had a combined income last year of up to $300 million. 

Some of the "evil one-percenters" Hillary wants to go after are corporate CEOs. You know - the guys at the top of the companies that actually offer you a service or a product, unlike Hillary or Bill, who now only offer speeches. (Wait - to be fair, Hillary did offer a book. But so far it has been a complete flop!)

By the way - have you ever noticed that for all the complaining liberals do about wealthy CEOs you never hear them vilify Bill Gates or Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Inc. We already know Gates is a billionaire and Tim Cook's valued salary, bonuses and stock awards is estimated to be right around $681 million currently. It is expected to increase. So why don't the liberals complain about them? The answer is simple. They're fellow liberals.

Let's look at a few of the highest paid CEOs in the country today. According to Forbes Magazine, John Hammergren of McKesson Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals was the highest paid CEO at $131.3 million. He is followed by Ralph Lauren, who pulls in just over half that at $66.7 million. In third place is Michael Fascitelli of Vornado Realty, who receives $64.4 million in compensation. And fourth is Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan (energy infrastructure), at $60.9 million.

Back to Hillary and Bill. If the statements about their income last year are true they earned more than double what the highest paid corporate CEO in America made last year. If you split it down the middle they each made $150 million. (Most articles I've read say Bill made more than Hillary so it wouldn't be a 50/50 split. But the point is the same.)

Hillary says she wants to topple the 1% while she pretends she's not one of the leaders of the pack. Is she going to begin with her own family? I have a guess on that.

The most disheartening thing about Hillary is not her wealth. It's the fact that there are so many people in this county who completely ignore her actions and still support her and trust her to be President of the United States! It's beyond my comprehension how anyone can have any trust in the woman. 

This country does not need Hillary Clinton in politics any longer. She has not only outlived her usefulness (and that's giving her credit for having any), but her actions as Secretary of State - personal e-mail server, destruction of potentially damaging e-mails, the Benghazi cover-up, and shady donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign nations - should prevent her from ever holding public office again. 

Sadly, even given Hillary's questionable history - those who love her will only echo her own question when asked about it. "What difference, at this point, does it make?!"

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