Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Toddler Accidentally Shoots Mother - Liberals blame NRA

In a tragedy beyond measure in Idaho on Tuesday, a mother shopping in Walmart with her 2 year old was accidentally shot and killed by the boy.

Veronica Rutledge, a research scientist in Blackfoot, Idaho, was shopping with her son, Hayden. Although some details are not known, what is known is that the boy got his hands on a loaded gun that he found in his mother's purse and pulled the trigger, striking the woman, who died from the wound.

Many liberals took to Twitter to blame the NRA - as if the NRA had anything to do with it.

"Guns don't kill people ... 2 year olds do. Is that your argument @NRA, #GunNutters, #tcot

#momsdemand and others want real gun reforms now,"

"I repeat: Guns are simple. Point. Click. Simple. So simple a 2 y/o can kill mommy with it. A bloody tragedy, thanks to the #NRA," 

"NRA going to need damage control"

Veronica Rutledge was a bright young woman with a degree in chemistry. She worked at Battelle’s Idaho National Laboratory and had published several articles. According to her father, Veronica loved guns and being outdoors. She was trained with guns and loved to shoot. She carried a gun with her everywhere she went. For Christmas her husband bought her a new purse - one with a special zippered compartment for her gun.

On Tuesday of last week Veronica took her three nieces and her son to Walmart. She had her gun with her in her new purse. At some point during her shopping she left her purse in her shopping cart unattended - along with her 2 year old. Being a typical toddler, the boy somehow found the gun in the purse and was able to get it out of the special pocket. He pointed it at his mother and pulled the trigger, striking her in the head.

This incident was a tragedy of unspeakable depth. I feel for everyone involved. The husband has to feel guilty because he bought the purse in which the gun was kept. The child will grow up knowing that he caused the death of his own mother. What a tragic way to go through life.

Let's be real. It's true this woman would still be alive if she did not have a gun with her on that day. However, the Constitution (not the NRA) affords all Americans the right to keep firearms and since she was legally allowed to carry concealed, she was within her rights according to the law. 

The gun, while being the tool that delivered the fatal blow, was not at fault. It did not go off by itself. In fact, I've never read once about a gun that was sitting untouched by human hands that went off and shot someone. It doesn't happen. Likewise - the NRA had nothing to do with it either. The NRA protects the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms - something Veronica Rutledge enjoyed. 

Many people are killed each year with knives or other cutting objects. In Oklahoma earlier this year a woman was beheaded at her workplace by a man with a knife. (He was stopped by a man with a legal firearm.) Why has there not been a demand to outlaw knives? People use blunt objects, such as hammers, to kill people. Yet hammers are still in the stores and I hear no one demanding they be outlawed. Drunk drivers kill an average of 30 people per day (far more than guns) on our streets and highways yet I have heard not one demand to outlaw cars and alcohol. The people demanding guns be banned are nothing more than hypocrites - selectively choosing which "dangerous items" should be banned based on their own liberal bias.

As cold as it sounds there is only one person responsible for Veronica Rutledge's death and that person is Veronica Rutledge. In a momentary lapse of judgement she turned away from her purse, apparently thinking her gun was safe and secure in that pocket. She perhaps also momentarily forgot the inquisitiveness and determination of a two year old. The boy got his hands on the gun because she left it there for him to acquire. It't not pretty but it really is that simple. 

For those who still want to pretend that guns kill people without help - please stop driving. Your car is more dangerous to the general public than a gun on any given day. If you're going to begin outlawing dangerous things start with the most dangerous.

In 2013, over 35,200 people were killed in automobile accidents. That's compared to 11,400 people killed by firearms. The number of automobile deaths was over 3 times that of firearms. Do those killed in and by automobiles not matter? Where is your outrage?

One cannot help but wonder if firearms in this country are ever outlawed what the next thing will be that liberals want banned. For the record - let's see who those demanding the outlawing of all guns would be associated with:

Adolph Hitler 
Mau Tse Tung
Pol Pot
Joseph Stalin

Get the picture? Nah - probably not.

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