Saturday, December 6, 2014

I'm Tired Of Republican/Conservative Ignorance

I have to say I'm getting really tired of Republicans and conservatives who say that Michelle Obama is really a man. They all seem to believe it and make their statements as "fact" but have no evidence to support their claims except some video made by a guy who says that the size of Michelle's fingers and her shoulders mean she's a man. The video proves nothing except to people who want to believe what they want to believe.

Not that I should have to do it but I've researched photographs of Michelle Obama as a child and a teenager. It's pretty clear that despite the beliefs and rhetoric of hate filled people on the right, she is and always has been a female. Sorry for all of the haters but truth is truth. You remember when you said that to liberals?

I hate to be so blunt with you Obama haters but attacks on Michelle that are completely unfounded are no better than liberal attacks on Sarah Palin or Laura Bush. Your ignorance is showing. And as a conservative American patriot I'm tired of the manure you people are spreading. You are embarrassments to the conservative movement and to America in general. Educate yourselves before you post anything else, please.

I'm no Obama fan, believe me. I think he's destroying our great nation. Any of you who have read my previous posts know this. But posting lies and obvious falsehoods makes you and the rest of us look like idiots. And I, for one, do not appreciate conservatives like myself being made to look stupid by people who post ignorant, uninformed, and hateful nonsense.

Some of you may not like what I'm saying. I really don't care. If you post ignorance without doing any research on your own then you're part of the problem. And since I don't get paid for my blog posts - it matters not if I have a lot of readers. I will tell the truth regardless of people's opinions.

Do the research. It will make you honest. If you wish to continue posting very obvious BS that's your prerogative, but you only make yourselves look foolish and uninformed. It's really your choice.

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