Friday, December 5, 2014

"How Do You Spell Racism? NYPD!!"

That's what people were saying last night during the protests in New York City. Thanks to Mayor Bill De Blasio, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and even President Obama, the uninformed public in New York and other cities believe that Eric Garner was killed by racist cops.

It's so easy for some people to believe a lie rather than the truth. It happened in Ferguson, Missouri - to the point of violence and destruction. People chose to believe the main stream media, Sharpton, Holder and Obama rather than the truth and the result was complete chaos. Not that those people caused the protesters to riot, loot and burn - but they didn't discourage it in a meaningful way. In fact, their comments about the incident only fueled the rage and violence. If they had not turned the Michael Brown shooting into a racial incident (for which there is absolutely no evidence to support that view) the violence would have been far less. Many of the protesters are decrying the racism they believe caused the incidents in Ferguson and Staten Island - but neither incident shows the slightest inkling that race was the cause. That has been manufactured by those named above.

Let's take a look at some inconvenient facts.

Fact number 1: Eric Garner was not "killed by racist cops." Eric Garner had been arrested more than once for selling cigarettes on the street. He was out of jail on bail after being arrested for that very crime. (The strict cigarette laws were put in place by Mayor De Blasio.) A local store owner notified police that Garner was in front of his store selling cigarettes again. Police approached Garner and he got belligerent. He refused to be arrested. Each time the police attempted to secure his hands he pulled away. Officer Pantaleo grabbed Garner (who was about 6'4" and weighed about 350 pounds) around the neck and he and other officers took him down. Besides his size, Garner had numerous medical problems including heart disease and high blood pressure.

A video posted by MSNBC indicates that Garner was breathing when paramedics arrived. A paramedic checked his pulse and the officers put Garner on a gurney. There was no indication from the paramedic that Garner was dead at that time and the people reporting on it, although their comments are derogatory of the police and EMS, say that Garner was alive and had a heart attack on the way to the hospital. So much for him being killed by racist cops.

Fact number 2: While protesters in the streets of New York chant about the racist NYPD, they are completely misguided. In 2012, the New York Police Department was comprised of 41% white officers, with black Americans accounting for 28%, Hispanics comprising 24%, and Asians 6%.  (Blacks currently make up about 26% of the population of the city, Hispanics about 28% and Asians 12%.) In that same year in June, 51% of the 607 graduates from the police academy were minorities.

No police department is going to exactly match their city's demographics as far as staffing goes. The truth is that New York City has one of the most diverse police forces in the nation. The people who are calling the NYPD racist are completely uninformed. But that's nothing new in the mob mentality. The people protesting the shooting of Michael Brown completely ignore the facts of the case, from their rants about blacks being hunted down by police to their ridiculous chant of "Hands up - don't shoot." If Michael Brown had put his hands up and surrendered he'd be alive today. The same goes for Eric Garner. He did not wan to go back to jail so he refused to be arrested. His choice led to his death.

Some people in this country have become so blinded by the idea that racism prevails over everything, driven by lying politicians and the main stream media, that they simply ignore the truth. This point is made obvious by the people protesting the Michael Brown shooting and the Eric Garner incident, as well as the shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice in Cleveland last week. Rice was brandishing a toy gun that looked like an authentic 9mm pistol and he attempted to pull it out when confronted by the police officer. Although some media outlets ignore those facts, the officer had no reason to believe the gun wasn't real and he shot Rice, who later died.

I feel sorry for Tamir Rice and for his family. His death was a terrible tragedy - but it was brought on by his actions. People in the park where he was called the police and reported a person with a gun. Apparently they told the dispatcher that the gun might be a toy but that information was not relayed to the police officer.

It's facts like these that are ignored both by the main stream media and by people whose agenda demands that they ignore the truth. The headline on the liberal media outlet was "12 Year Old Black Boy With Toy Gun Shot By White Cop." Some of them never mentioned the fact that the gun looked authentic and that the orange barrel extension (that denotes it to be a toy) had been removed so there was no way to tell it wasn't real. And they made sure they put the skin colors of both people in the headline because racism sells air time and newspapers.

There is plenty of money and power to be gained by pushing a racist agenda. Just ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They've made good livings doing just that.

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