Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thank You Al Gore!

The internet is such a wonderful thing.  Not only can I see news, TV shows, movies, do research, and even find great recipes, but through the phenomenon of e-mail, if I choose, I can get all kinds of free stuff and even money!

It's true!  Every day I get e-mails that say I have won free stuff, that a check is waiting to be deposited into my account, that some foreign dignitary has died and his family wants to share their wealth with me, and once in a while I get one from someone who's trying to enter the country with too much money and he/she wants to give me some of it to attain entry.  Apparently they're stuck in the airport with too much money.  How bad would that be?!

All I really have to do to get any of this free money and merchandise is open the e-mail and give these very generous people a little bit of personal information.  Once I do that the item will be shipped to me or the money will be electronically deposited into my account!  It's that easy!!

Just yesterday I had two e-mails telling me I have checks waiting, another that says I have stimulus money unclaimed, one about VA benefits waiting for me, and I can get an endless supply of Viagra dirt cheap!  Last week I was offered a spot in the roles of "Who's Who" and a $1000 WalMart gift card for free. 

The only one I really have a problem with, however, is the occasional e-mail I get from senior dating sites.  Once I turned 50 I started getting those on a regular basis.  Being happily married I have no interest in sites like these but that's not the part that upsets me.  What upsets me is that someone has decided I'm old enough for a senior dating site!!

Yesterday afternoon I got a response to a request for membership and a free $1000 gift card from Sam's Club that I didn't even request!  How great is that?  They apparently knew (even if I didn't) that I might be interested in a Sam's Club membership and they want to send me free money to go shopping!  All I have to do is fill out a form with a little bit of personal information.

The ones I really like are the ones that say all I have to do to get free money put into my bank account is send them my account number and routing number.  How cool is that?  Just a few numbers and the click of a mouse and it seems I can get all the free money I want.  Earlier today I got an authorization for a pre-approved loan and a government grant that I didn't ask for.  That's  what I'm saying - these people are so generous they seek me out instead of me having to go find them!  And people say the world is a mean place!

I haven't taken advantage of these wonderful offers yet because we're financially comfortable and I'm not greedy.  I'm leaving them for other people right now.  But it's nice to know if I ever need lots of money that I can get it simply by answering a couple of e-mails. 

I'm a little disappointed this morning.  I haven't gotten any new offers of free money.  Normally by now I have at least 3 or 4 in my Spam folder.  I guess I'll wait - I'm sure they'll show up soon. 

So thank you, Al Gore, for bettering my life!  Who would have expected that old Al would  do something  nice for me?   (Yes, I know Al didn't really invent the internet but he took credit for it and it's always enjoyable to make fun of him!) 

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