Friday, October 5, 2012

Book Update

When I announced my book debut last month I said it should be available by January.  That was my mistake.  The editing process began this month and it will take about six months to complete the editing, review, re-editing, layout and design process and marketing.  So it will be more like April before it's available for purchase.  I apologize for the misinformation.  I apparently misunderstood what the publisher told me.

Once the website is up and running (still a few months away) you will be able to see more information about the book and may be able to purchase it early.  I will let you know when it is up and running.  Thanks to all who have promised to buy a copy.  Again, I'm very proud of the book and the story - even though I'd give anything never to have had a reason to write it.  I'm thinking Christopher would also be proud of it. 

I thought I'd share just a little bit of it to give you a taste of what's to come...

From "How Do You Say Goodbye?"

There is no easy solution for dealing with the grief one must endure after the loss of a child.  A single day can run the entire gamut of emotion, from happy memories to sad nostalgia; tears of joy to tears of unmatched pain and sorrow.  The most difficult thing to bear is that you never know from one minute to the next which it will be.  A song, a TV show, a book, the child next door, can re-open the wound and allow the pain to flood back in like the tide.  Not to mention the obvious special occasions.  Birthdays, Christmas, and of course, Mother's or Father's Day; these will only intensify the tremendous loss and rekindle the burning fires of anguish.

So what, pray tell, are we supposed to do?  How does one deal with this tragedy and remain fully sane and competent?

For some, talking about what happened, either with family or friends, can help with relieving the pent-up emotions while for others, expressing their feelings in writing may be an effective form of catharsis.  And of course there are therapists and groups specifically for this type of trauma.  There is faith in your God or a Supreme Being that may help some individuals.  But there is no therapy, no writing, no friend or confidant, not even a Supreme Being who can lift this heavy burden right away.  It takes time....  a long time.

Whatever course is chosen to work toward relieving the pain and overwhelming emotion that fill the soul, there are two things that invariably assist with the process.  The first - gather up the ones you love in your arms, hold them close and tell them you love them as often as you possibly can.  The second is probably the most viable and easy outlet of all.  I obtained this advice from my dear niece who lost her father not long ago.  Her words, so simple yet so profound, were the most helpful of all:

"Cry often.  It helps."

It's the best advice anyone has given me to date.

Glen Clark
December 2002

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