Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deaths, Lies and Videotape...

On September 11, 2012, our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by a terrorist group with close ties to Al Qaeda.  They killed our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and drug his body through the streets.  They  also killed three other Americans during the attack.

According to various sources, the Obama administration knew immediately that the attack was the work of terrorists.  However, they chose to place the blame for the attacks on a spontaneous mob protest of an anti-Muslim movie trailer that had been circulated on the internet since July.  The video had indeed been used by agitators to stir up feelings of Muslims in the Middle East and Africa, as evidenced by the protest in Cairo and subsequent protests throughout Africa, Syria, etc.  However, the assault on the American Consulate in Libya was not a part of that protest, regardless of the statements coming from the White House.

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons the entire country (and obviously the Obama administration) knew the attack was not carried out by a "spontaneous mob" were the weapons used.  The Obama administration wanted us to believe that the protesters in Libya just happened to be carrying rocket propelled grenades, mortars and large caliber automatic weapons, which they decided to use in the heat of the moment. 

In other protests, such as in Cairo,  the protesters vandalized the embassy and destroyed our flag but did not hurt anyone nor even threaten to injure anyone. Whereas in Libya, Ambassador Stevens was targeted for assassination and then displayed in the streets.  And Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace...

About a week after the incident, while protests were continuing in at least 25 other countries (without assaults on Americans) the interim President of Libya, Mohammed el-Megarif, made a statement that clearly said the attack was a pre-planned assault and not a spontaneous incident as the Obama administration kept reporting.  In fact, he said it appeared to be the work of an Al Qaeda-like group but was so far unidentified.  President el-Megarif flatly denounced the Obama administration's assertion as "unfounded and preposterous." 

One can almost feel sorry for Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary.  Almost.  It must be difficult to get up in front of reporters and television viewers in the country and keep telling blatant lies that no one believes.  Same goes for Susan Rice, the United States' ambassador to the United Nations, when she was interviewed by ABC's Jake Tapper.  Tapper obviously did not believe her statement that the entire attack was a spontaneous response to a video, yet she reiterated it again and again saying anyone who believed otherwise was wrong.

And then, on September 20th, when they had no other choice, with even the Libyan President saying Obama was lying (OK, he didn't use the word 'lying'), Jay Carney finally came out and said "It is self-evident it was a terrorist attack."  Really, Jay?  Ya think?  We, the people of the country and the world, have been telling you that for the last 9 days and you finally admit it?

Then, on September 25th, the President addressed the United Nations and once again said the incident was caused by a video and that freedom of speech did not give anyone the right to ridicule or disrespect Islam.  Wrong, Mr. President.  It gives us every right to ridicule and/or disrespect Islam.  Unless you think freedom of speech only applies to those who appease Islam.  Muslims disrespect Christians and Jews on a regular basis without reprisal (and without the senseless, childlike tantrums often displayed by offended Muslims), yet I have never once heard you defend Christians and chastise Islam.  Does freedom of speech now only apply to Islam?

OK, back to the topic at hand - why did the Obama administration lie to us about what happened?  The obvious answer is that President Obama is up for re-election and a disastrous failure of his foreign policies could be devastating to his campaign.  What he doesn't seem to understand is that when you treat the American people like they're stupid it will have consequences.  The latest polls show President Obama behind Mitt Romney by six points (48-42) on foreign policy.  Perhaps his choosing to lie to the American people about the obvious was a bigger mistake than he thought.

Last night I read a new headline on an article....  "People Died And Obama Lied".  That should sink in and resonate a while.  While the country and the world were fully aware of the truth, the President lied to us all in an attempt to protect his re-election campaign.  So much for the integrity of the office.  President Obama proved last week that getting re-elected is more important than actually running the country.  Maybe because getting elected is the only thing he's good at.

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