Monday, September 24, 2012

Babies Aborting Babies - With Help From The Government

 In an "effort to combat teen pregnancy", school nurse offices have been stocked with "Plan B" emergency contraception.
The morning after pills are being made available under a new school program known as CATCH (Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health), which is aimed at stemming teen pregnancy.  The pills, along with condoms, are being distributed in at least 13 schools to children as young as 14, without parental knowledge or consent.
The above statements are true and are currently in practice in New York City schools.  Apparently the New York City Board of Education believes it is better to  give children complete sexual freedom rather than involve parents in the problem of teen sex and pregnancy.  Sadly, an opportunity for parents to opt their children out of the program was offered and only 2% of parents took the option.  Apparently, 98% of New York City parents would rather allow the government to decide what their children can do sexually instead of taking on that responsibility themselves. So I guess in reality the schools aren't doing it without parental consent, after all.  Since they didn't opt out their children from the program, consent has been given.
In this day and age of "anything goes as long as you're happy doing it and don't bother anyone else", we have come to the point where children can now do adult things that have life-long consequences and their parents are allowing them to do it.  Many parents have given up the role and responsibility of parenting in favor of being their child's buddy.  Rather than teaching children right and wrong they teach their children that they are always right regardless of what they do.  In my day, when a kid got in trouble in school he/she also got in trouble at home.  In today's society, if a kid gets in trouble at school the parents often blame the teacher and the school system.
I'm sure I'll hear from some of my more liberal friends that it's better to prevent the pregnancy and prevent "babies raisingg babies."  I would ask them one question -  Is it OK with you for your 14 year old child to receive birth control without your consent?  If so, read no further.  There's no point in it.  If, however, your answer is "NO, it's not OK", then why would you say it's OK for someone else?
One of the biggest problems in this country is the downfall of the family and parenting.  Liberal world views, accepting of anything and everything (except conservative values, that is) are changing the country to the point where proper parenting is almost obsolete.  The government can now tell parents what their children can and cannot eat and now the government is handing out birth control and telling parents "It's none of your business - this is between us and your kid."  We truly are becoming a nanny state.  I wonder how long it will be before the government opens up youth training camps?  It worked for Hitler....

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