Thursday, February 24, 2011

Criticism Welcome - Comments Preferred

Recently I’ve received criticism from readers who think I should focus on “more important” issues than the ones I’ve posted. The latest came after my post about the Obama family taking an elaborate ski vacation just days after the President spoke on television about how tough things were for the average family and how many of them probably wouldn’t be able to take their planned vacation because of the economy.

It seems some people misunderstand my blog. I write about things that are on my mind, whether from the headlines or some article I read, or even something I heard on the radio or TV. Sometimes it’s not even news but something that happened in my life or to someone I know. Bottom line is – I write what I want to write and not what others want me to write. If I was writing for others I’d be making money from it and I can tell you right now – that’s not happening!

I’m always happy when people read what I write. And I enjoy the feedback, whether they disagree with me or not. I don’t, however, ask anyone to read my writings. (Well, almost never. There are occasions when I ask certain people to read something because I think it’s something they will enjoy.) I post my writings and people choose to read them or not. They comment when they feel the urge and I read every one, whether on my blog page or on Facebook. And often, on Facebook, they begin a discussion of the issue or something related, which is always a good thing. But sometimes I think some people read too much into what I’m saying. The other day I was told there are far more important things to worry about than the Obama’s taking a vacation. And while that is very true – my blog isn’t meant to be an effort to save the world. It’s but a small glimpse of some of the things in my head on any given day. Certainly there are more serious topics I could write about and at times I do. But sometimes I simply focus on something that bothers me at the time. And the great thing about it is – it’s my choice to write about serious world problems or something simple that bothers me. (My blog post about the Obama’s didn’t get into policy, politics or partisanship but that’s where the discussion led and I was told I wrote it simply because I don’t like the President instead of because I found the whole thing hypocritical.)

Anyway, my blog will continue unabated and I will continue to write and post what I want. Readers are still free to read it or not and to comment. I simply wanted to clarify that I do this for my enjoyment and no other reason. There will still be discussions and at times I’ll still be accused of ignoring the important things, I suppose. I would rather people keep their comments and/or criticisms related to the actual article but that’s OK. They know where I’m coming from.

If you’re reading this I thank you for giving my blog your time and attention. It’s nice to know someone actually reads what you wrote, even if they don’t agree.

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