Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Trump Protesters....

America has been observing your actions for the last week. We have noted your anger. We have noted your hatred of the new President-elect. We understand you're not happy with the election results. You've made it quite clear.

We have also noted that you, in your trumped up (pun very much intended) emotional overload, are destroying the property of others, blocking people from getting where they need to go, attacking law enforcement officers, overturning and setting fire to their vehicles and carrying signs that not only call for the assassination of the new President-elect but also for the rape of his wife. At least one of your members vowed that there will be “casualties on both sides.”

And you do this while saying all you want is peace, justice and fairness.

Here are a few things to think about...

Remember those businesses you burned down? Each of them was owned by someone and each of them employed people. How many of those owners voted for Hillary or Bernie instead of Trump? You don't know, do you? How many of their now unemployed workers voted against Trump? Again, you have no idea. You didn't think of that before you destroyed their livelihood, did you?

You know those people you're holding up by shutting down freeways? How many of them are Hillary supporters? In blue states it would be a very large number. Yet there you are, preventing them from getting where they need to go. Do you think your fellow liberal voters are pleased that you are disrupting their daily lives with your foolishness?

Those police officers you're assaulting? They're out there to protect you just as much as the others. They're there to keep people safe, to protect property and to encourage and promote the smooth flow of traffic as well as the smooth flow of your protest. When you injure one of them or set his vehicle on fire you may very well be preventing him from responding to a situation where he is truly needed. That person needing the police may also be a Hillary supporter. Yet you chose to ignore his/her needs for your own selfish and stupid reasons.

You vilified Donald Trump for his attacks on others, his harsh, late-night tweets, and particularly his disgusting comment made about women when you were 10 years old. Yet some of you are calling for his wife, who has done absolutely nothing to you, to be sexually assaulted. Gee – how is it bad for one person to even say he did it and yet call for the assault of a woman who had nothing to do with it? Do you understand how twisted that thinking is?

Of course you don't. You've been taught since day one that you are entitled to have everything you want and that losing is not part of the equation. You've gone to schools that provide you with safe spaces where you can retreat when you think your precious little feelings might be hurt by something or someone. You've gone to schools that prevent right-leaning individuals from speaking because of your precious little feelings. And you've gone to schools that cancel classes and tests when something happens just because they know you're too fragile to deal with testing and real world events at the same time.

How are you ever going to survive in the real world? The real world doesn't have safe spaces. The real world doesn't cancel your responsibilities just because something happens. That's real life. And you're going to suck at it.

While you're out there screaming your anger and destroying property the real world goes on. It's still going to go on when you're finally finished with this nonsense. And you won't know how to deal with disappointment like an adult.

Donald Trump is going to be the next President. That's just a fact. All your protests, your screaming, your destruction and even your petition to have the Electoral College shirk their duties, are not going to change that fact. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can get back to whatever it is you do when you're not protesting.

Time to grow up, children. The only casualties are your precious, fragile egos after you discovered that life sometimes just isn't going to be fair to you. The election was fair even if you didn't get what you wanted. Deal with it like adults. You'll be happier in the long run if you do.

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