Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Who Will Lead The Free World?

Think beheading innocent people, including children, is cruel? Think it's cruel to shoot scores of people in the head in mass executions? Think hanging people on crosses is cruel? Well, guess what? They're just getting started.

ISIS today released a video showing the fate of a Jordanian pilot they held in captivity. They (ISIS) put him in a cage, doused him with an accelerant, trailed the accelerant away from the cage to a safe distance, and lit it on fire. The fire followed the trail directly to the cage and the pilot, Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh, was burned alive.

The group then offered a reward of 100 Gold Dinar to anyone who kills a pilot enacting in attacks on ISIS. Of course, they'll have to shoot the pilots down to do that but one can't help but wonder how much the countermeasures against air strikes will increase (as opposed to hiding and waiting them out) with a reward of gold on the table.

How long will the peaceful and tolerant people of the world allow such an evil to grow and multiply unchecked? Who will lead the rest of the world in the fight against the evil that is ISIS and radical Islam? It's clear that President Obama is not going to step up and be the world leader in this fight. He refuses to even identify the problem for what it is - radical Islam.

In fact, the leaders of the free world - the United States, Great Britain, Germany, even France - refuse to acknowledge ISIS and other Islamic terror groups as Islamic. But see - there's a big problem with that. They (the terrorist groups) believe they are Islamic and they are committing their atrocities in the name of Allah and Mohammed. And they don't care what the leaders of the free world believe.

I can't help but wonder who will have the courage to step up and lead the world in the fight against these Islamic terrorist organizations. Ronald Reagan lived his Presidency with the motto "Peace through strength." He built up our military while at the same time leaving diplomatic channels open. Our enemies knew it would be a mistake of colossal proportions to attack us.

Not so with the Obama administration. Even while still fighting a war Obama has cut our military back, relieved senior officers of duty, and cut their budget. His inept leadership has caused our enemies not to fear us anymore. ISIS has threatened not only to raise their flag over the White House one day but last week said they would eventually behead Obama.

Now I don't supposed President Obama feels any need to be afraid of ISIS' threats at this point. But then - isn't Obama himself responsible for the growing numbers of Muslim Brotherhood members in his cabinet? I wonder if he's given any thought to the fact that it only takes one radical member to cause him physical harm....?

Wouldn't that be an ironic event - if President Obama was executed by a Muslim he himself appointed to his cabinet?

No, I'm not advocating that it happen. But it would be ironic, to say the least if, while trying to appease Islam, Obama hired his own radical Islamic assassin.

So who will the leader of the anti-ISIS coalition be? The world needs a leader. Anyone notice yet that while ISIS talks big against Russia and Putin - they have yet to take any action against Russians? Perhaps that's because Russians are smart enough to stay out of that area of the world. Or perhaps it's because ISIS knows that Putin will not play if he's drawn into the fight. I have no doubts Putin would hit ISIS hard with air strikes then put the necessary forces on the ground to destroy them. I think ISIS knows that as well.

It's obvious that President Obama isn't capable and does not want to lead this fight against ISIS. ISIS will continue to grow and expand and, even worse, to kill if not put in check. Obama didn't set out to destroy ISIS. He said he was going to contain it. He won't even correctly define it. How's that working out, Mr. President?

Barack Obama has never wanted to be the leader of the free world. He wanted to be President but didn't want the responsibilities that go with it. One of those responsibilities is to be that leader - the one who takes charge and tells the other nations how we're going to do things. Obama wants the other nations to tell him how to do things. He's also the only President in my lifetime to broadcast to our enemies exactly when we will cease our hostilities and let them take over in our wake withdraw completely from a war zone, leaving it open for that enemy to move back in.

Who is the leader of the free world today? If someone doesn't step up it seems it could very well be ISIS.

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