Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vaccine Wars

The recent outbreak of measles in the United States, mostly in California, has people up in arms and has the federal government making excuses.

The government wants to blame "mothers who do not vaccinate their children" for the outbreak. Liberals, and left-wing media outlets such as the New York Times, want to blame Republicans for causing these mothers not to vaccinate their children. They seem to believe that Republicans cannot be Republicans and agree that children should be vaccinated per federal law.

Some parents don't want to vaccinate their children for fear of bad things happening to them. Several years ago well known actress Jenny McCarthy went public with her claim that her son suffered from autism because of vaccinations he received as an infant. This became a nationwide cry among some parents, even though scientists proved that the link between vaccinations and autism was not, is not and never has been there.

In 2011, the U.S. Public Health Service surveyed parents who opt out of or delay vaccinating their children. The results of the survey were interesting.

It found that among parents who delay and refuse vaccines:

• 70% say they believe the vaccines are necessary to protect the health of their children (compared with 96% of parents who vaccinate)

• 63% say they fear their children could have serious side effects (compared with 31% of parents who vaccinate).

• 57% say they have concerns about autism.

• 78% say they believe children get too many shots.

• There's also more mistrust of the medical community among those who don't vaccinate. While 95% of parents who vaccinate said medical professionals in charge of vaccinations have their children's best interest at heart, 77% of parents who delayed and refused vaccines agreed.

In the year 2000, the Center for Disease Control said that measles in the United States had been eradicated. We, the USA, were a "Measles Free Zone," thanks to childhood immunizations. There was still a minority group (minority as in numbers, not ethnicity) that did not vaccinate their children but since the disease had been wiped out there was no reason to worry about measles, vaccinated or not. This went on for 14 years.

After 14 years of being measles free only one thing has changed in the United States that led to the recent outbreak of measles. Last year tens of thousands of children from Central and South American countries were allowed to enter our nation through our Southern border. Since the majority of these kids (perhaps 100%) had not been vaccinated in their home countries they brought with them many childhood diseases, including measles. The Obama administration snatched up these kids and shipped them to undisclosed locations around the country.

And now we have a measles outbreak. Go figure.

For 14 years even children whose parents did not get them immunized didn't have to worry about measles. Then suddenly, beginning last year, many of them now have the disease. And it can be directly (and correctly) attributed to President Barack Obama and his complete failure to protect the United States from foreign invasion. He allowed over 300,000 people, 60,000 of them children, to flood into the country, bringing their diseases with them, all the while telling the American people that our borders are "more secure than ever."

If the borders are more secure than ever how did those 300,000+ illegals, and measles, get in? I guess it comes down to this. Who are you going to believe - the President or your lying eyes?

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