Thursday, October 13, 2011

Killing Anwar Al Awlaki... Should Obama Be Prosecuted?

There are many differing opinions about the killing of Anwar Al Awlaki, ranging from “Great job, Mr. President” to “You’re a murderer and you’re violating the Constitution, Mr. President.” Mostly conservative radio talk show host, Michael Savage, said last night that Obama should be charged with a war crime for killing Al Awlaki. He said Al Awlaki was still an American citizen and, as such, was entitled to a trial and due process. I must voice my disagreement.

Anwar Al Awlaki left the United States and moved to the Middle East. Once there he joined Al Quaeda and denounced his U.S. citizenship. Granted he didn’t do it legally, as Dr. Savage pointed out, but in my book that doesn’t matter in the least. Al Awlaki encouraged and even plotted with terrorists to attack the United States. In my humble opinion, if you turn against your country and plot to kill Americans you’ve given up your right to due process and are fair game for a well placed missile or bomb. Personally, I am glad Al Awlaki is dead and I applaud the President for allowing it and the military or CIA operatives who made it happen. I hope these incidents continue and that we can get as many of our enemies dead as possible. But that’s just me.

Should President Obama or others in the chain be prosecuted? Not in this case. A case might be made for prosecuting Eric Holder but that’s another story or another subject. I believe, regardless of his earlier stances on the wars, that Obama is now doing the right thing concerning the wars. So I’ll give credit where due. Keep it up, Mr. President, and you might get to finish your first and only term to completion…

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