Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cooter Festival 2011

It’s that time again – time for the Great American Cooter Festival. What’s a Cooter Festival, you ask? Simply put, it’s a festival held yearly by the City of Inverness, Florida, in celebration of the Cooter. The people of Inverness really like to show off their Cooters and they have food, drink and all sorts of fun things to do.

One of the women from the Fish And Wildlife Division actually showed her Cooter to a reporter. He was rather impressed by its overall appearance.

I mentioned it on Facebook last night and, of course, got some interesting feedback. The exchanges went something like this:

“So are you going to the Cooter Festival?”

“I doubt it. I went last year and had my fill of Cooter for a while.”

“Yeah…. When you’ve seen one Cooter you’ve seen them all!! LOL

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far. You’ve got big ones and small ones. Some are more colorful than others. Some are really pretty and others not so much…”

“I’ve heard some Cooters smell bad. I don’t know – I’ve just heard.”

“I suppose it depends on where they live…”

The jokes spread and continued and there was even a video about the Cooter Festival on Youtube. Many people think the Cooter Festival is a bit much. One man even said it’s degrading to women. I personally feel if it’s degrading to the Cooters themselves. After all, they’re just poor little water turtles who like to live in the lakes and eat plants.

What were you thinking?

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