Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not in a union? The President Wants Your Family To Starve

If you don’t belong to a union – the President hates you and wants your family to starve.

The Boeing Corporation is being sued by the National Labor Relations Board for building a new factory in North Carolina, a right-to-work state. The union at the Boeing plant in Seattle, Washington, says Boeing is unfairly retaliating against them because of past strikes by building a new plant in a right-to-work state and is trying to force Boeing to build their new plant right there in Seattle.

The Obama administration supports the actions of the NLRB. Big surprise there, huh? It’s no secret the President has always been a big union supporter and vice versa. So once again the administration is supporting the union by attempting to take away about 1000 jobs from the people in the state of North Carolina simply because North Carolina doesn’t make people join unions. You just have to love how the President talks about putting people back to work even as his administration is working to take the jobs away from those who don’t play by their rules. He obviously doesn’t think non-union people should eat.

Boeing’s motivation for building in North Carolina is two-fold. They can pay lower wages since there’s no union negotiation (which makes sound business sense) and they don’t have to worry about an organized labor walk out. Not to mention the unemployment rate in North Carolina is at 10.1% as of June, 2011. Washington’s unemployment rate at the same time was 9.3%. So who needs the jobs more?

As for my first comment – it makes as least as much sense as the rhetoric from the left about how Republicans hate seniors, teachers and police officers because of bills designed to reduce spending. Oh wait – liberals don’t use rhetoric. I forgot. When liberals say things like that it’s… different. Either way, Boeing should be able to build and staff their new plant wherever they choose. Of course, Eric Holder is suing Arizona as well for enforcing Federal laws that the Federal government refuses to enforce.

Nothing surprises me about this administration, except maybe the fact that some people still support it.

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