Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lawnmowers and Tornados....

Since there is not a lot of critical thought necessary to walk behind a lawnmower I find my time cutting the grass is a good chance to let my mind wander where it will. Yes, I can hear some of you thinking “Oh geez - that could be dangerous…” and at times I would agree. But today I was thinking that a lawnmower is very similar to a tornado.

The blade rotates and a high rate of speed wiping out pretty much everything in its path and scattering the debris. It takes out grass, weeds, sticks, and whatever else you didn't see until it was too late. One need only look to the rear to see its very obvious path of destruction. (I flew into Oklahoma City a week after the ’99 tornado. Just as depicted at the end of the movie “Twister” - the path of a tornado is very visible from the air.)

In addition, just as a tornado often destroys much of a neighborhood but leaves one or two houses standing and virtually untouched, a lawnmower will cut your entire yard but leave random blades of grass unscathed. They stand there, mocking you, letting you know that with all your technology and power you wiped out their neighbors but missed them. If grass had hands these lone, rogue blades would no doubt be giving you the one finger salute of triumph.

Some people leave them. I roll over them again and cut them off at the knees.

“Crazy?” you ask. Possibly, but I think not. I believe my logic is sound. Besides, these random thoughts keep cutting the grass from being completely boring. And that’s always a good thing. And the next time you cut your yard and see those random, untouched blades of grass when you're finished, you'll think about my words....

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